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UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Written & published: March 2007

UKIP is the third largest UK party in the EU Parliament. It was formed within just a few months of the European Union itself, and so the outer planet positions are the same in both charts.

This is UKIP's birth chart, however no time was available so house cusps cannot be calculated and the Moon's position and aspects must be regarded as approximate.

UKIP birth chart

UKIP - and the EU - was formed when Saturn was opposite the UK's Saturn, showing a structural crisis and challenge over what has been built and established, and a challenge to authority.

During oppositions it is necessary to renegotiate to avoid a head-on collision and a 'win-lose' situation.

Some interesting 'independence' midpoint connections between UKIP and the UK's chart are:
  • UKIP's Mars on the UK's Sun/Moon midpoint
  • UKIP's Sun on the UK's Sun/Mars midpoint
  • UKIP's Pluto on the UK's Sun/Ascendant midpoint
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