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UK's Neptune transit to Venus:
Political, social and economic choices for 2005 and 2006

NB This is a shorter version of a full article about this transit. To read the full article, which includes fascinating historical information about the previous instance of this transit in 1841/2 and which is directly relevant to 2005/6, click here.

From 2003 until 2008 the UK is going through a major transition period that occurs once every 168 years: the planet Neptune is conjunct the UK's Venus.

Because the UK was created in 1801 this transit has happened just once before to the UK as a political, legal, social, and economic entity. We can infer from this fact that this 21st century transit is a very important time for the nation as a whole.

Emphasising this is the fact that the UK's Ascendant is Libra, and as Venus rules Libra, any transit to Venus is likely to resonate very strongly with all areas of the nation's life and behaviour.

One thing that immediately springs to mind: the public are unlikely to be in the mood for more wars over the next two years, although they may be more easily duped into supporting a 'humanitarian intervention.'

Tony Blair has had 5 wars in 6 years, so the question in terms of the UK election in 2005 is, which of the parties and party leaders is more in tune with this transit of Neptune across the UK's Venus? Whoever articulates it most or best, may well ride the wave to become the next Prime Minister.

With the USA undergoing a Pluto transit to Mars, this UK transit is a complementary opposite. Is the war-based ideology of Blair and Bush about to be pulled apart by the UK people?

Dates of the transit in the 21st Century

The table below shows the different orbs - 5 degrees, 2.5 degrees, and 1 degree - that we can use to ascertain when the themes of this transit will be present in UK life.

5 degrees
2.5 degrees
1 degree
2003 Mar/Aug

2004 Throughout
2004 Mar/July

2005 Throughout
2005 Throughout
2005 Feb/May, Jun/Aug
2006 Throughout
2006 Jan/Mar, Jul/Dec
2006 Jan/Feb, Sep/Dec
2007 Jan/Apr, Jul/Dec
2007 Jan

2008 Jan/Feb, Oct/Nov

The 1 degree column is the most intense period of this transit. The 5 degree column roughly specifies the outer limits of the transit.

The months are approximate - I haven't specified exact days within the month - because the life of the collective on social, economic, and cultural levels is not clearcut in a binary (on/off) sense from one day to the next, rather it ebbs and flows in a more complex manner.

Controversies so far: cannabis, 24 hour drinking, and 'supercasinos'

The government's controversies over the reclassification of cannabis (people now tend to think that it's legal, when it's not - even medicinal cannabis isn't legal), the introduction of 24 hour opening for pubs (Licensing Act 2003), the strange desire to create 'supercasinos'
(Gambling Bill, draft bill Nov. 2003) that Australia has already shown lead to world-leading problems with gambling, are all definitely part of this transit.

During the first phase of this transit there has been a major bank raid in Northern Ireland - one of the biggest ever in the UK's history. Another change has been the banking industry's introduction of the 'chip and pin' credit card system, ostensibly to cut down fraud.

[Note added 3rd Feb '05: while the Sun conjoined
Neptune, about a week after publishing this web page the government announced plans to reform the welfare system, two of the UK's biggest unions announced a possible merger into a 'super-union' and invited a third union to join them, the IRA withdrew a pledge to put its weapons beyond use, and it was reported that Nelson Mandela is to speak to what is expected to be around 10,000 people in Trafalgar Square at a Make Poverty History rally which is taking place prior to a meeting of the G7 finance ministers in London.]

There are some interesting parallels here with the 19th century transit, which you can read about in the full version of this article here. However, if these are three primary current developments signifying this transit, then there's a lot of work to be done in making real the higher potentials of this time.

Astrological symbolism

This table shows primary associations of the planet Venus, which is the natal planet being transitted, and of the planet Neptune, which is the planet doing the transitting. During a transit like this, the associations of the natal planet will go through the type of change represented by the transitting planet. In other words, Venus themes and areas of the nation are being mixed with Neptune energy.

Women and girls
Searching for the ideal situation, refining, spiritualising, higher values
Equality, highlighting inequality
Harmonising and soothing, making peace/forgiveness
Fairness, justice, highlighting injustice and unfairness
Compassion, humanitarianism, empathy, doing good
highlighting divisions
Vision of how things could be, urging aspiration and hope
Unity, highlighting disunity
Deceit, fraud, confusion, undermining, dissolving, misleading
Leisure, relaxation, fun,
enjoyment, happiness
Socialism & similar systems
of thought
Economy, finances, currency:
£ Pounds Sterling, and values in a social & psychological sense
Dissolving boundaries, divisions,
limits, restrictions, broadening
& freeing
Love, relationships, sex, sensuality, physical being
Unconditional love,
acceptance, unity
The arts - painting, music, literature, sculpture, etc
Inclusivity, embracing the whole, criticising & removing exclusivity
highlighting disharmony
Drugs, alcohol, addictions,
self-undoing, unravelling

Note: Venus is in the 5th house of the UK's chart, and Neptune has recently crossed the cusp of the 5th and is now moving through it for the next few years. The 5th house needs to be added to the above table of associations. The 5th house representes things like: children, royalty, sport, leisure and recreation, sex, gambling (including the National Lottery) and risk-taking activities, creative self-expression.

During this transit the listings in the right hand column are being brought to the fore to mix with and influence the listings in the left hand column (NB any of the right hand column listings can mix with any of the left hand column listings - they don't have to be on the same horizontal line in the table, nor is there a limit to the different ways they can mix.)

A straightforward brainstorming session, connecting the Neptune column items with the Venus column items in various ways, will give us lots of clues about what issues, dilemmas, crises, and opportunities the UK will be dealing with during this 3 to 4 year period. Once that's been done, adding the 5th house symbolism into this mix will yield further insights.

However, it's not about sitting back and waiting for things to happen to us. It's up to the population of the UK to use this transit creatively and wholistically, so that the highest potential of it can be brought into play.

Transits to the national chart aren't impersonal or distant, as if they're nothing to do with individual people and are happening to a separate entity that is 'the nation'. On the contrary, they're to do with everyone. Each of us is 'the nation'. Therefore, to get the best out of this time, every person needs to view this transit as their own, and consciously approach it from a creative and proactive position. Ask yourself 'What shall I do with this transit?' rather than 'What will this transit mean?'

Exploring what the UK people could do with this transit

NB In this section, key Venus-Neptune words are in bold

Returning from our mental expedition through the 1840s, we might begin to wonder what images, ideas, and people - especially couples or iconic women - the UK will fall in and out of love with in a more profound way than usual. Given the 5th house association with royalty, the female members of the royal family and also the future girlfriends of Princes William and Harry immediately come to mind, however the 5th house is also the entertainment industry and celebrities in general, so there is plenty of scope here for the nation's anima to be constellated. It could even echo the 19th century event where there was a craze of paintings of Lady Godiva - maybe there is a painting lurking out there now that is about to come to prominence, symbolising something in the national psyche?

We may also wonder what changes the art world may go through, at our instigation. What about leisure time, or as we know call it, work-life balance, more accurately called work-life imbalance? What about marriage, where same-sex marriage is now being put on the agenda partly due to human rights law? What about governmental diplomatic systems and diplomats themselves, who negotiate for results rather than fight wars? What about the peace movement, reborn in February 2003? Are the people of the UK sufficiently aware of the power they now have to bring about constructive changes in these areas? The time is right for us to become more aware of and stimulate progress within all of them. Personally, I think the UK should use this time to understand and promote real peace and non-violent conflict resolution, not the fluffy nicey-nicey nonsense that is often passed off as a poor imitation.

The Indian Ocean crisis is prompting a general resurgence of 'mercy to the poor', but is it partly to assuage our guilt, to 'lengthen the tranquility of the rich'?
Using the symbolism of this transit as guidance, we can conclude that we must ensure that it is a sustained, genuine, practical, and transparent resurgence. This upsurge of caring directly follows the success of the 20th anniversary of Band Aid which had already 'primed the pump' for the compassionate spirit to revive in the UK, however the re-recording of the Band Aid song met with great resistance to helping those less fortunate than ourselves. So far, helping the 'have nots' in the UK does not seem to be attracting much government attention.

The British Railway Act of 1840 laid the basis for much later company law, and required the appointment of auditors to supervise the accounts. Fast forward to 2005 and there are now just a handful of large accountancy/auditing firms dominating the UK market, widely regarded as having blurred the boundaries between what were once separate functions of accounting and audition. Additionally, the accountants/auditors are now themselves international corporate players, doing business with similarly large clients, at the same time as working for government departments. UK accountants are the highest paid in the world, and in greater number than the rest of the European Union member states combined. In February 2002 the University of Essex's professor of accounting said:

"With 250,000 qualified accountants, Britain has more accountants than the rest of the EU put together, and one of the highest numbers of accountants per capita in the world. This unparalleled investment in economic surveillance has failed to deliver better corporate governance, company accounts, audits and freedom from frauds or scandals. Yet the ranks of accountants continue to swell."

Note the Neptunian references to fraud, scandals, and evasion of accountability. In 2005 and 2006 therefore, there is an opportunity to deal with these issues head-on. That opportunity may well present itself as an increase in rumours, scandals, leaks, or reviews of auditing procedures/laws, or in exposés of 'fuzzy boundaries' between corporations and governments, particularly as it's now very common for 'fat cat' directors to be recruited from the accountancy and finance industries.

In December 2003 a respected and prominent accountant named James Spooner resigned from the Institute of Chartered Accountants, he complained that its pronouncements were:

"opaque, occasionally, inane, and almost always designed to obfuscate rather than clarify in simple terms."

The former chairman of the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which is the ultimate regulator, said in July 2002:

"The difficulty is that it is a global issue and probably only the merger taskforce at the EU and the US Department of Justice can take this on effectively. I hope that in due course they do."

This transit of Neptune to the UK's Venus is 'crunch time' for the UK accountancy, auditing, governance, and company law issues, in this regard.

The controllers of the UK stock market have been determined for years now to sell it to Germany or France (it was made a Plc a few years ago in preparation for the sell-off, and was even renamed the London Stock Exchange, getting rid of national identification with it, in line with the EU plan to try to make us identify with large cities as hubs of regions rather than identifying with our nation as a whole). Throughout the past year or so this plan has almost come to fruition, and at the time of writing the latest price offer has been rejected but the talks - and the determination - continue. This would be a very significant event because it would resonate with the Neptune transit to Venus. The reason why the current and previous offers have been rejected is that the price does not reflect the value of the market - this is a classic Venus-Neptune issue that the UK must especially beware of at this time. Attracting low offers is a sign of deep patterns in the national psyche that undermine the national interest - classic self-undoing on a national scale.

The question remains though, would any sell-off be an undermining event to the UK's detriment, or a freeing event to the UK's economic advantage? The style of Neptune is cunning and stealth, where all is not what it seems. The EU system is rife with continuing and long-standing fraud, according to its own official figures and statements. As a nation, the UK must ensure watertight business and social cases, accounts, and financial reckonings are thoroughly triple-checked before doing deals. Financial self-undoing is a far greater-than-usual risk at this time. The EU's plans for a European stock market system may well be seriously flawed.

The Euro currency debate has temporarily died down but lingers on the back-burner to return post-election. A referendum has been promised. The risks are identical to those outlined in the paragraph above. Extreme caution is necessitated. Due to EU fraud, UK finances are already leaking (Neptune) vast quantities of money (Venus). The nation must think carefully about how to plug those leaks, which are more likely than usual to get worse during this period.

This year (2005) the UK will host the G8 summit. This is the summit of the world's richest countries, plus Russia. Given that this summit is due to take place during the peak phase of this Neptune transit, and that it is an economic summit, the timing is critical. Already, Bob Geldof and the Band Aid/Live Aid campaigners have lobbied the Prime Minister to deal with extreme world poverty (echoing the 1840s linking of the arts (Venus) with social justice (Neptune)). Now, the Make Poverty History campaign carries the torch. All this is in line with the themes of this transit and therefore theoretically stands a good chance of success.
The UK public is already showing signs of responding favourably to these initiatives, which confirms that the astrological principles of these planets are showing the public mood: people want equality, justice, fairness, and compassion. The politicians that are likely to be successful during this time are those who respond accurately and in a timely manner to this shift in the public mood.

This diagram shows the cumulative amount of Neptune 'energy' in relation to the UK's national birth chart from January 2000 to December 2009. It shows the peak intensity of 2005 and 2006.

UK: Neptune transits 2000 to 2010

NB This is a shorter version of a full article on this transit. To read the full article - which includes fascinating historical information about the previous instance of this transit in 1841/2, click here.

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