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The Great Deceiver & the Great Deceptions of the 1970s and 2016
Written & Published: 23rd-24th June 2016

To get the United Kingdom into the European Economic Community (EEC), as it was known then, not only took several attempts and a carefully coordinated, large-scale, cross-party abuse of Parliamentary process, it also took great deception and a great deceiver. The great deceiver was Edward Heath and his great deception is astrologically traceable right up to today's referendum on the UK's membership of what is now the European Union. It will presumably continue to resonate on into the future.

For those who don't know him, Edward 'Ted' Heath was the UK's Prime Minister between 1970 and 1974 when the UK joined the EEC, but he was also heavily involved in the early 1960s, working in a new post in the Foreign Office responsible for 'European Affairs', when the government of the day first tried to join it but was blocked by France's President, Charles de Gaulle.

Here is Ted Heath's chart:

Edward Heath - birthchart

Edward 'Ted' Heath
Former Prime Minister

9th July 1916, Broadstairs, UK

This chart is quite cluttered in the area we need to focus on for the moment, so here's another version of it with all the extraneous details removed:

Ted Heath - Jupiter square Neptune

What we are looking at here is the Jupiter-Neptune square aspect, symbolising 'great deception'. It is also connected with the South Node, which is a point of undoing, unravelling and disintegration. But there's more here than meets the eye from an ordinary chart wheel, so I've added an arrow and annotation. The exact half-way point between Jupiter and Neptune in Ted Heath's chart is at 16 degrees 57 minutes Gemini. If you look at the full birthchart again you'll see that there are no planets at this degree, nor are there any located opposite to it.

Here is the UK's chart. Note Jupiter at 1 degree 51 minutes Leo, almost exactly conjunct Ted Heath's Neptune at 1 degree 49 minutes Leo, re-stating this great (Jupiter) deception (Neptune) and linking it directly with the nation itself. The nation's Mercury sits directly opposite Ted's Jupiter/Neptune midpoint, at 17 degrees 34 minutes Sagittarius.

United Kingdom - 1801 chart
United Kingdom - 1801 chart
1st January 1801, 12 midnight (LMT), London, UK

Mercury is not only the planet of information and misinformation, tricksters and dissemblers, it is the planet of commerce and trade. Edward Heath deliberately lied about this for so many years, saying that the EEC was merely an economic project, a 'Common Market', despite his knowing full well that it was always conceived by its founders as a political union. Even Hansard, the official record of the proceedings of the Houses of Parliament, records discussions in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s about this very topic, yet Heath (as well as others) always maintained the fiction.

We'll return to this degree area in a moment, but I want to draw your attention to another part of Ted Heath's chart now: his Sun-Saturn conjunction in Cancer, which is quincunx a retrograde Uranus in Aquarius:

Ted Heath - Sun-Saturn conjunction

Edward Heath - birthchart
Sun-Saturn conjunction in Cancer, in quincunx with Uranus

There is tension in this placement, and it represents frustration in relation to freedom versus close relations. As an aside, there's also the position of Venus to keep in mind, at just under 8 degrees Cancer.

When the UK joined the EEC, transiting Jupiter was directly opposite Ted's Sun-Saturn conjunction, and the Moon's nodal axis was at 16 degrees 48 minutes of Capricorn/Cancer (not shown in this next wheel, so as to avoid cluttering). This chart is also noticeable for its striking stellium in Sagittarius, directly opposite Saturn in Gemini, splitting the chart in two. Note that the Saturn placement picks up the midpoint of Ted Heath's Jupiter-Neptune square: the great deception takes form and becomes established.

UK joined EEC
United Kingdom joined the EEC
1st January 1973
12 midnight (GMT)
Westminster, London, UK

It could also be highly significant that Pluto sits just behind the Ascendant in this chart. I've seen this before when something is going on that involves great political machinations for the sake of achieving power. You could also argue that it shows clearly the death (Pluto) of independence (1st house). The problem with this is that there is the possibility that the chart should be set for 11pm on the 31st, not 12 midnight on the 1st. This is something that needs to be checked into further. Nevertheless, the UK's Ascendant is at 7 degrees Libra so at the very least transiting Pluto was sitting behind that, reflecting the same themes of power and the nation's loss of control over itself.

Just a couple of years later saw the first referendum on the UK's membership, as Pluto closed in on the UK's Ascendant. Since the UK had already been taken into the EEC, amidst much controversy and without consulting the people, this referendum was an attempt to get the people to endorse what the politicians had done. But great deception was again used, and many who voted to stay in the EEC later expressed the view that they had been conned. Here is the chart:

UK Referendum 1975
UK Referendum - EEC Membership
5th June 1975
10pm (BST) (Close of polling), London, UK

Note here the emphasis at the start of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Scorpio, and Venus almost at the beginning of Leo), and a Jupiter-Saturn square at 17 degrees of Aries-Cancer, as well as the Sun and Mercury close to the 17 degrees area of Gemini. Jupiter is just moving away from its trine with Neptune (great deception once again), and is conjunct Mars which is still closely trine Neptune. Note too that despite a stellium in Aries and angular Moon opposite an elevated Uranus, the public did not choose independence, despite being naturally sceptical about being in the 'Common Market', although they did not realise they were actually endorsing the handing over of control of the nation's resources, direction and policy-making, and voting to reduce Parliament to a rubber stamp. The government of the day used the same false arguments as did Heath to recommend that the public vote to stay in the EEC. For Ted Heath, this was his second Saturn Return, and although he was no longer the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party he belonged to was no longer in power, the referendum result meant that his long-held ambitions for the UK to be part of the nascent United States of Europe were confirmed and consolidated.

And now we come to 2016, and the present referendum. Back in February there was much staged political theatre about the most recent sham 'renegotiations', culminating in a series of Twitter announcements that a 'deal' had been reached. The first was by the Lithuanian President, Dalia Grybauskaite (who, in other statements during the summit, described the timing as dependent on 'what kind of deepness of drama some countries would like to perform' and said 'It is a drama and everybody plays their own role', referring also to 'face-lifting and face-saving'), the second was by the President of the EU Council, Donald Tusk, and the third was by David Cameron, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Here are the charts for each of these moments:

In this first one by the Lithuanian President, see how close to exactness Pluto is conjunct the IC, right at the foundation of this event. This was an earthquake in the making, and shows deeply rooted power plays going on behind the scenes. Pluto is invisible beneath the Earth, hidden where he prefers to spend most of his time.

Twitter - 1st announcement
Twitter - 1st announcement of 'deal'
19th February 2016
8:58pm (GMT) (9:58pm CET)
Brussels, Belgium

In this second one it is not Pluto which is pivotal, but Uranus in Aries, conjunct the 7th house cusp. This is the house of unions, and open enemies.

Twitter - 2nd announcement
Twitter - 2nd announcement of 'deal'
19th February 2016
9:30pm (GMT) (10:30pm CET)
Brussels, Belgium

Finally, David Cameron's Twitter announcement has, intriguingly, the Moon in Cancer exactly on the MC. What could this mean? Pluto and Uranus are the planets of power, control, reform, breaking free, authoritarianism, revolution, overturning the old order, all of which can be made sense of in this context, but why was the Moon so elevated now? It's important to have in mind that the first two announcements were made by non-UK authorities, whereas this third one was by the UK's Prime Minister.

Twitter - 3rd announcement
Twitter - 3rd announcement of 'deal'
19th February 2016
9:44pm (GMT) (10:44pm CET)
Brussels, Belgium

In the UK's 1801 chart, the Moon is also in Cancer, at 19 degrees 26 minutes. Furthermore, if you look at the 1975 referendum chart there is a T-square between Moon, Venus and Uranus at 28-29 degrees of Aries, Cancer and Libra. This also ties in with the 28 degrees Libra area which crops up frequently in charts of the EU (not covered here due to being outside the scope of this article). It can also be noted that the Moon in her own Sign represents self-government and independence, however I do not write this as a prediction, rather as a description of the story behind the event as it is written in the symbolism of the sky.

The next step came soon after, as David Cameron made a formal announcement of the date of the referendum:

Referendum date announced
Referendum date announced
20th February 2016
12:23pm (GMT)
Westminster, London, UK

Note the angles at 7 degrees of the Cardinal Signs, echoing the UK's Ascendant-Descendant axis, and picking up the position of Venus in Ted Heath's natal chart.

At the time of this announcement, Mars was moving just a touch below its average speed through the Zodiac. It was still eight weeks away from its station, which it reached on the 17th of April, turning retrograde. The official campaign period for the referendum started on the 15th of April. Mars turns direct on the 29th of June, so the campaign period has more or less coincided with Mars' retrograde phase, which are times when decisions, actions, will-power and independence issues are reviewed and new ways forward must be found. The half-way point of Mars' retrograde period came on the 22nd of May, and it was this that marked the point when the public really started to make up its mind; this moment was noticed by media commentators and public alike.

In these February charts Mars has moved from 23 degrees 49 minutes Scorpio to 24 degrees 06 minutes Scorpio. It was moving forwards, and it did cross into Sagittarius, where it turned back and retraced its steps.

Here's the chart for the referendum, showing Pluto back on the Ascendant, at 16 degrees conjunct Ted Heath's Sun-Saturn conjunction, conjunct Jupiter in the 'UK joined EEC' chart, opposite Saturn in the 1975 referendum chart and square Jupiter in that same chart. Venus is back at 7 degrees Cancer, and Mercury is at 17 degrees Gemini - a full house, you could say:

UK Referendum 2016
UK's Referendum on EU membership
23rd June 2016

10pm (BST) (Close of polling)
Westminster, London, UK

There is a Grand Cross between Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the Moon's nodes. Great deception indeed, and a symbol too of the public's regular clamour for 'facts' amidst perhaps the UK's biggest propaganda campaign of the new media age.

The referendum has taken place as Mars is grinding slowly towards its halt, intensifying all the tension and getting ready to release it. I expect that the first two weeks of July, particularly the second week, will show a further expression of this energy around these issues, marked by both tension and forward momentum or release, simultaneously (contradictory though they are). Positioned near the Midheaven in its own Sign shows once again that self-governance and ultimate authority are pivotal in the story of the event.

Mars is in a close quincunx with Uranus, showing massive frustration and incredible tension due to constraints on freedom of action. Unfortunately, as the Sun joined this formation last week and created a 'Yod' structure, there was a horrible outbreak of violence, resulting in the murder of an MP and the injuring of an elderly man.

In this chart Saturn has returned to the position of Neptune in the 1975 referendum chart. Once again there is an attempt to consolidate the deception, instead of limiting it, putting an end to it and bringing reality to bear upon it.

Looking at the midpoints in the close of polls chart, two are striking:

Uranus is on the midpoint of the Sun and Moon, and Neptune is on the midpoint of Sun and Mars. But this Neptune is also on the Sun-Mars midpoint of the UK's 1801 chart, as well as being sextile the 1801 Sun and sextile the 1801 Mars. The former shows breaking free, the latter shows dissolving independence. Again, the desire for, and tension between, the two courses of action is writ large.

As I write these words it is 3:12am and the results are coming in. Soon we'll know the result of the voting, but how things are managed - or mismanaged, manoeuvred and manipulated - in the coming months will surely be even more decisive.

Lastly, the Saturn-Neptune oppositions of 2007-2008 proved to be the end of Tony Blair's Prime Ministership, resonating as his chart did with the Saturn-Neptune cycle since he was born when they were closely conjunct. The allegedly self-proclaimed heir to Blair, David Cameron, also resonates with a similar energy, but he is even more attuned to the Uranus-Pluto and Saturn-Uranus cycles, both of which have been in play in February-March this year. Will they mark the end of his Prime Ministership? We will see.


'The Poisoned Chalice', BBC documentary (May 1996)

'The Great Deception', by Christopher Booker and Richard North (publisher: Bloomsbury, 2003 & 2016)

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Source for summit comments from Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite

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