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Uranus-Pluto Squares: 2008 to 2019

Published: 30th November 2008

25th Jan. 2012 Update: This article now has a supplemental short animated video showing the 2012 movements and squares - watch video on Vimeo - alternatively watch video on YouTube
31st Dec. 2012 Update: There is now another video of the same ilk for 2013's squares. It can be watched on Vimeo, or on YouTube.

This article provides technical and thematic information about the series of Uranus-Pluto squares that are taking place from 2008 throughout the next decade up until 2019. It gives you all the dates, Signs, degrees, chart wheels, and thematic interpretations.

If you are thinking 'we have plenty of time yet, it's not until 2012' think again. A surfer doesn't wait for the wave to reach its peak before riding it. We have now moved within 8 degrees of orb of the first exact Uranus-Pluto square of this series.

Using astrology at this collective level it is arguable that the orbs we use should be even wider than 8 degrees; 8 degrees is the usual standard for considering an aspect present in the birth chart of a human being, therefore the majority of astrologers will be including this Uranus square Pluto aspect in birth charts calculated from June 2008 onwards, with just a few short periods between now and early 2011 when the orb is just over 8 degrees - the majority of 2009 and 2010 has Uranus and Pluto within 8 degrees of squaring each other.

When considering world events we can readily see that the wave has begun and is building. Since we are in the process already it's time to bring this cycle into the forefront of our perceptions in order to utilise the time well, rather than keeping it in the background until the orb has narrowed. By then it'll be too late and we will have missed the opportunities along the way to shape it and participate in the changes.

Let's begin with an overview of the cycle.

Quick Facts

Exact: 7 times - 2012 (first time) to 2015 (last time).  7 exact conjunctions is fairly unusual.

Within 8 degrees orb:  
June 2008 (first time), on and off, until March 2019 (last time)
Continually within 8 degrees: early 2011 through to mid-2016

Within 6 degrees orb:

June 2009 (first time), on and off, until March 2018 (last time)
Continually within 6 degrees: early 2012 through to mid-2015

Within 3 degrees orb:
July 2010 (first time), on and off, until April 2016 (last time)
Continually within 3 degrees: early 2013 through to mid-2014

Within 1 degree orb:
June 2012 (first time), on and off, until April 2015 (last time)

Signs involved: Pisces & Sagittarius (inexact squares), Pisces & Capricorn (inexact squares), Taurus & Capricorn (inexact squares), Aries & Capricorn (exact squares)

Dates & degrees of exact aspects

Date Uranus Pluto
24th June 2012 8 Aries 24 8 Cap 24
19th Sept 2012 6 Aries 57 6 Cap 57
20th May 2013 11 Aries 14 11 Cap 14
1st Nov 2013 9 Aries 26 9 Cap 26
21st April 2014 13 Aries 34 13 Cap 34
15th Dec 2014 12 Aries 35 12 Cap 35
17th Mar 2015 15 Aries 18 15 Cap 18
Click the dates to jump down the page to the chart wheels
for each conjunction

Here is a graph showing when Uranus square Pluto is within various orbs, along with the movements of Uranus and Pluto into and out of the Signs Aries and Capricorn, so you can see how and when things shift:

Orbs of Uranus square Pluto 2008 to 2020

Note: To the left of the red 'Uranus in Aries' bar is when Uranus is in Pisces, and to the right of it is when Uranus will be in Taurus.
To the left of the grey 'Pluto in Capricorn' bar is when Pluto was in Sagittarius.

Major themes

In key word and key phrase form, here are the main associations of Uranus-Pluto. These should spark your own ideas, insights, and creative imagination. The purpose is not to form predictions, but to formulate creative possibilities that we can turn into practical use, and to alter the course of events that are taking shape already towards something altogether healthier.

To go back to our surfing analogy, a surfer doesn't try to predict the wave, s/he tries to ride it, so if we want to be 'cosmic surfers' (!) we can take a leaf out of the wave surfers' book.

Themes of Aries-Capricorn

Actions and consequences

Emphasis on 'doing' rather than 'being - ambition, achievement, goals, getting to the top, expediency, 'the ends justify the means'

Fossil-energy, deriving energy from plants. Powering life in a sustainable way.

Boundaries and individuals, borders and orders. How power works. The law of the jungle in its garb of officialdom.

Limits to forward movement - stop-go dynamics that need to be re-arranged so as to work in harmony, frustration with rules and impediments to action, slowing down versus speeding up, thwarting progress

Short-term views and long-term views - what's immediate and local in space and time, and what's far off

'Command and control' - a type of mindset predominant in our era particularly in business, government, the police and the armed forces, but also in human relationships and families - this is likely to reach a major crisis point

The dominant executive in a society - executive in the sense of government, but also in the sense of business

What constitutes masculinity - maleness, male roles, 'yang' approaches that dominate all areas of life

Authority and rebellion, battling the establishment

Hierarchy and order - how we use and abuse them. The power of bureaucracy and its relationship to individual initiative.

Leadership - what it means

Organisation, institutions, structures, governments.

Pioneers and entrepreneurs - the deeper spirit of each.

Initiation and mastery

Taking charge - those who do it, those who desire to do it, what it means to take charge, how that needs to evolve

Independence and social responsibility - how they combine or clash, new ways to live them

Aggression and control

Short-term survival and long-term strategies

Climbing - literally and figuratively

Themes of Uranus-Pluto

Evolution. Revolution. Reform. Rebellion. Revolt. Overthrowing oppression. Breakthroughs. Breaking new ground. Fearless pursuit of what brings necessary new life.

New forms of power. New forms of energy. Experimentation that leads to something being reborn. Experimentation that leads to destruction or loss.

The power of an idea. Ideas that enable life to evolve. Powerful new insights and radically new points of view. An obsession with an ideology. An obsession with rationality. Fanaticism. Extremism. The power of the mind. A preoccupation with enlightenment. Dark ideas. Dangerous ideas. Subversive ideas. Dark genius. Frankenstein's monster.

Bringing hidden things to light. Unearthing truths. Discovering new sources of information. Looking at things in a radically new way.

Deep psychological insights. New research and breakthroughs in diagnoses about reality, human nature, and society. Insights into death and regeneration.

Truth and secrecy. Truth and power. Information and power. Surveillance. Tracking. Interception of communication, transmission, and movement. Transparency and good governance.  

Unspeakable truths. Raw, visceral knowledge that can no longer be denied. A confrontation, stand-off, and perhaps re-alignment between conscious awareness with the underbelly and the gut. Clear perception of ugly truths, and the courage to deal with them in order to be a healthy society.

A passion for innovation. Radical reinvention. Radical departures from old ways that are no longer useful or productive. Dangerous inventions. Dangerous experimentation.

Altering genetics and other informational codes.
Purging of 'impure strains'. Understanding natural law - honouring it and thus becoming powerful within it, or attempting to overrule it and causing instability.

The power to create and destroy using information, technology, databases, storage of data, tracking.

A fresh start after a time of corruption and decay. A new breath of life. Renewal and regeneration. A new start. Obsession with newness and modernity.

Chaos. Anarchy. Turbulence. Instability. Unsettling or creative disturbance. Unpredictability. Extreme reversals. Upsetting applecarts. Creative destruction. Destructive alterations. Excessive changes; extremes. Insurrection.

Authoritarianism. Rigidity. Cruelty. Radical control. Cold ruthlessness; sociopathy. Supervision. Elimination of dissent. Annihilation of diversity. Control of freedom. Destruction of human rights.
Defiance. Rebellion. Revolt. Reactionaries. Elites with power.

People power. Awakening of previously-hidden power, running headlong into a confrontation with the powers that be at the top of the heap.

Clash and re-adjustments between democracy and plutocracy/autocracy.

Media and internet power to control the perceptions of the masses. Total control of information flows; or winning the clash of wills to keep these things free and in the hands of the people themselves.

A crisis - push comes to shove - in thought control, thought-crime, unpeople, unspeak, doublespeak, psyops.

Rebirth of scientific inquiry. The power to know.

Sexual evolution. Sexual revolution. Sexual power. Sexual oppression.

A rebirth and resurrection of diversity, liberty, and the human spirit. Radical humanitarianism. Overturning prejudice and intolerance; the power of prejudice, labels and social categorisation for the purposes of exploitation and management of the masses. The power of equality and equity. The power of diversity and difference, each valued as part of the whole tapestry.

The desire for a brand new society from the grassroots up. A need to wipe the slate clean stretching right back to the 1960s, to repair and make reparation, to forge a changed conception of what society is about and what sort of society it should be over the next period of the cycle.

Finding our place in the cycle: Uranus-Pluto cycle years

Here is a diagram showing the cycling round of Uranus and Pluto together, which takes between 111 and 143 years between successive conjunctions. We need to comfortably perceive spans of time that transcend our own lifetime if we seek to utilise these cycles for the best. The diagram therefore begins two cycles back in 1710 and continues for two cycles forwards to 2221, starting with the current cycle which began in 1965-6.
Uranus-Pluto cycle

This cyclic diagram shows that the 2012-2015 square that we're within orb of now resonates back to the conjunctions of the 1960s, and forwards to the opposition in the 2040s. It also echoes the previous Uranus-Pluto waxing square years of the 1870s, and echoes onwards to the next squares of 2129-30.

What was begun during the conjunctions of the 1960s will be tested and reach a point of change and potentially of crisis from now until a few years after 2015. The 1960s are up for review, and the review period could be tense and confrontational unless we use the cycle at its most constructive level.

The path of least resistance so often leads to the less favourable experiences at times of planetary squares, whereas the healthier choices require more maturity, more human ingenuity, increased creative application, and a sincere willingness to seek a shift to a wiser, less ego-based perspective.

Any people, countries, businesses, institutions, ideas or projects that were born or launched or started in the mid-1960s will 'resonate' with the Uranus-Pluto square. They will undergo massive development, and if they resist the changes it could be very turbulent and painful for them. They are likely to discover resources within them that need to come forward during these times to meet the challenges they will face.

Here are the charts for each of the seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares, and remember that these are within orb as you read this now:

First Uranus Square Pluto
Date: 24th June 2012
Time: 9:12 GMT
Degree: 8 24'
Pluto is retrograde, Uranus is direct but slowing and about to turn retrograde (less than 3 weeks later)

First Uranus-Pluto square

This first Uranus-Pluto square is a 'biggie'. There is a T-square between the Sun, Uranus, and Pluto, moving towards exactitude in the days after this exact Uranus-Pluto square.

The Sun-Pluto opposition means that Pluto is halfway through its retrograde period for the year, and the Sun square Uranus means that Uranus is slowing and that its stationary retrograde turn is imminent.

This is a moment of potential tension and crisis. The first exact Uranus-Pluto aspect therefore has a quality of needing to get to grips with the issues involved very quickly and very decisively. Confronting the facts of the matter and making necessary adjustments in accordance with them is top priority.

Venus is involved in the T-square configuration, suggesting a diplomatic, justice-related, or economic slant.

With this first in the series of exact aspects we're hitting the ground running.

Second Uranus Square Pluto
Date: 19th September 2012
Time: 5:57 GMT
Degree: 6 57'
Motion: Pluto is stationary direct, Uranus is retrograde

Second Uranus-Pluto square

With Pluto stationary direct and Uranus almost at its halfway point in its annual retrograde cycle, this is a time that combines a feeling of suspended animation with an approaching need to face issues head-on.

There is a T-square between Mercury, Uranus and Pluto, suggesting communication crises, radical transport and trade alterations.

Third Uranus Square Pluto
Date: 20th May 2013
Time: 23:02 GMT
Degree: 11 14'
Motion: Pluto is retrograde, Uranus is direct

Third Uranus-Pluto square

Mercury again aspects both Uranus and Pluto, although this time there is no T-square. There could be further radical communication, transport, and trade difficulties and/or changes, particularly with an economic, leisure, legal or female slant since Venus is involved too. The inner planets bunched together in a small section of the Zodiac suggests a narrow focus and a potential for lopsidedness.

Pluto turned retrograde just over a month before, so is picking up its backwards speed now.

At the time of this exact aspect Pluto is on the Ascendant for London so this Uranus-Pluto square has particular importance for the United Kingdom which by now will have been experiencing transiting Pluto conjunct and transiting Uranus square its Sun for some time.

Fourth Uranus Square Pluto
Date: 1st November 2013
Time: 10:30 GMT
Degree: 9 26'
Motion:  Pluto is direct, Uranus is retrograde

Fourth Uranus-Pluto square

This Uranus-Pluto square has a strong configuration of planets and is therefore likely to be another 'biggie'.

There is a T-square involving the Moon, Uranus and Pluto, with Sun, Mercury and Mars forming a symmetrical arrangement either side of the Moon (which means that the Moon and Uranus are on the midpoints of Sun/Mars and Mercury/Mars). Sun-Mercury are conjunct, and in close aspect with Uranus and Pluto as well as Mars, and Mars is also in close aspect with Uranus and Pluto.

This configuration has a lot of emotional as well as intellectual content, and brings the Uranus-Pluto themes of transformation onto several levels simultaneously: identity, thought, feeling, the body. Feelings are likely to run very high at this time, and caution is also required because not every well-planned idea will necessarily be above-board.

Fifth Uranus Square Pluto
Date: 21st April 2014
Time: 19:21 GMT
Degree: 13 34'
Motion: Pluto is retrograde but is effectively still stationary, Uranus is direct

Fifth Uranus-Pluto square

Pluto has just turned retrograde one week before this exact aspect, and so is effectively motionless. There is therefore a feeling of suspension or cessation, a lot of powerful feelings in the air with no particular direction as yet.

There is a Grand Cross aspect configuration between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. This is therefore a time of great stability between opposing factions and differing ideas/approaches to the issues involved.

There is a high potential to put changes into action, to grapple with disagreements, to thrash out solutions that lead to homeostasis.

Sixth Uranus Square Pluto
Date: 15th December 2014
Time: 5:14 GMT
Degree: 12 35'
Motion: Pluto is direct, Uranus is retrograde

Sixth Uranus-Pluto square

Uranus is slowing down ready to station and turn direct just over one month later.

Saturn aspects the Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting a need now to stabilise change as well as to update the old ways that no longer serve people's needs.

Pluto is almost halfway through Capricorn now, and so the Capricornian themes will seem much more settled by this time, in the sense of being known, familiar, and 'lived with'.

Seventh (final) Uranus Square Pluto
Date: 17th March 2015
Time: 2:54 GMT
Degree: 15 18'
Motion: Pluto is direct, Uranus is direct

Seventh Uranus-Pluto square

This is the only exact square in this series where both Uranus and Pluto are direct. Just over one month later Pluto will station and turn retrograde so at the moment of this exact square its slowing will begin to be palpable.

The concentration of inner planets plus two outer planets in a small section of the Zodiac is indicative of an intensification of focus in two or three areas, and possibly a lopsidedness or even narrow-mindedess.

Mars is conjunct Uranus, and Jupiter is trine Uranus, so again we have a configuration involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, but this time it's not a Grand Cross. There is a lot of energy for action here and looking to the future rather than the past, and possibly a theme of independence, liberty and assertion of rights.

Picture based on the orbits of Uranus and Pluto
'Evolutionary spirals' -
Based on the orbits of Uranus and Pluto

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