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The Nurturing Mother & the Needy Child: the USA's birth chart

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Born on the 4th of July 1776, the USA has the Sun in Cancer. But it also has Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Cancer too, so the national psyche of the USA is very much of a Cancerian nature, reverberating with Cancerian themes.

The primary archetypal figures associated with Cancer are the nurturing mother and the needy child. The mothering theme can be found in the proclamation 'give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.' On a less idealistic level, this is 'apple pie' America, where home and family values reign supreme.

Cancer is an insular, inward-looking sign, concerned with its own needs, desires, and feelings. Its purpose is to learn how to manage its emotions and use them as a strength. Its failings are when it is possessed by its darker emotions - sensitivity to pain and hurt can bring about an unhealthy self-obsession, and a desire for retribution and to inflict pain on others - and uses its mothering nature to control the apron strings. The Mother turns into the Needy Child by demanding that it is fed by others, rather than being full enough to feed others. Oscillating between giving and taking, the balance point needs to be found.

With Sagittarius rising, the USA's view of itself is expansive, full of self-belief, self-confidence, and enthusiasm. En-theos means to be one with or filled with the divine spirit, so self-belief can cross the line into having a little too much faith in oneself as a divine emissary.

Sagittarius is a sign that streams out across boundaries and barriers, frontiers and horizons. Combined with Cancer's strong attachment to the idea and reality of 'the homeland' this is a nation more than capable of overseas possession. It's almost as if the nation drew foreigners to it at the start, importing culture from abroad and digesting it (Cancer rules the stomach and digestive system and needs to be fed), and now is operating a similar process in reverse where the national culture is exported.

The danger of these two signs together is that 'mother knows best' couples with righteous enthusiasm. The real challenge of the two signs is to honour the concept of liberty by giving freely, instead of force-feeding. there's a need to balance inward-looking tendencies with outward-looking tendencies, so that they don't each twist the other into a distorted form of expression.

The Moon in a national chart represents the people. In the USA's chart the Moon is in Aquarius, which is like Sagittarius in that it's a sign of freedom and principles. Aquarius is also the sign of the outsider, and Moon in Aquarius is renowned for diverse peoples who do not quite feel comfortable and at home in their homes. This perhaps helps to expain why USA citizens tend to describe their nationality in terms of their parental, grandparental, and even great-grandparental origins, rather than simply 'I'm American' or 'I'm from America.'

The USA's Moon is almost completely unaspected, which shows a further dislocation and disconnectedness. It means that the people of this nation need to better integrate with one another. There is a suggestion of great loneliness in this unaspected Aquarian Moon - extreme alienation and divorce.

The Sun and Moon are in sesquiquadrate aspect with one another. This is an aspect of tension between rulers and ruled, the leaders of the nation and the people who elect them. On the positive side, it holds the potential for collective hard work, endurance, and strong will. This is therefore a determined nation, centred in the desire to impress itself on the world.

The Sun in septile (7th harmonic) aspect to the IC adds to the self-mythologising national pride that has its roots in the Sagittarius Ascendant and the cluster of planets in Cancer.
The Moon in septile to Neptune and Uranus, opposite Jupiter, is an incredibly idealistic populace, socially and globally conscious with high aspirations. These are the planets of utopian dreamers. The people of America are shown here as inspired and enthused about who they are and where they're from, but are not down-to-earth or matter of fact about it.

All of this is Fire, Air, and Water though. So where is the Earth element? The Earth signs are hardly represented in this chart, and when they are they are either mixed with Water (Neptune in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn), or connected with psychological wounds in the national consciousness (Chiron in Taurus). Saturn, the Earthy planet, is almost completely unaspected and therefore difficult for the nation to access and integrate into daily life in a balanced way.

Saturn's only aspect is to the Sun, and it is a square aspect. This denotes a strong executive class in the nation, leadership and management competency, yet also reveals a streak of insecurity belying the nation's projection of confidence. These are the national equivalent of father issues: searching for fatherly love in the form of respect and recognition for worldly accomplishment.

This is a nation struggling to get to grips with reality, to mature and mellow into wisdom over time. The 'eternal youth' of Sagittarius rising, Sun conjunct Jupiter, and Moon in Aquarius is at odds with 'old father time'. There are issues with patriarchal society, and so the nation will be drawn to old men and old nations in a 'love-hate' kind of way as it tries to digest what it feels it lacks.

The confident, cocky 'know it all' Sagittarian character can't develop real knowledge and wisdom until it is able to live the Capricornian mastery of worldly experience. And that requires humility, self-discipline, and accountability: all things that Sagittarius, Sun-Jupiter, and Moon in Aquarius find difficult.

Chiron is later this year going to be approaching a conjunction with the USA's Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd house of finances and property. This is an opportunity for the nation to sort out its accounting issues (the Enron-type goings on), and its economic challenges. If it doesn't grasp the opportunity, it could be a very painful time for the country.

Saturn is now slowly moving across the USA's Cancerian planets, reflecting lessons about self-containment, self-discipline, and self-responsibility. George Bush is instrumental in this not only because he is President but because his Sun in Cancer is in an identical position to the USA's Sun. The last time the USA experienced this transit was during Nixon's scandal.

At the same time as the Chiron and Saturn transits, Pluto is opposing Mars (the military), and Jupiter will highlight this in August, followed by Mars in September. There may well be escalation and exacerbation of military activity during this time. Let's hope any wars are verbal instead of physical.

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