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This section is organised into three parts:

Global Issues      Specific Countries      UK Politicians/Parties

Global/International Issues

The Elders: Humanity, wisdom, & the 'global village' [read]

Taking Place: the Arab Uprisings of 2010-2011 [read]

Uranus-Pluto Squares - 2008 to 2019:
The series of square aspects, their dates, orbs, Signs, degrees, and more [read]

Pluto in Capricorn: How the current review of freedom and human rights is setting the tone for the next two decades [read]

Dis/Enchanted World:
The Saturn-Neptune opposition of 2006 and 2007 [read]

Groups of Power & The Power of Groups: Patterns of relationship in the G8, the UN Security Council, and the EU3 [read]

A Family of Wars:
The astrological patterns of Bush's wars [read]

From Charity to Justice: The charts of Live8 and Live Aid [read]

War on terror, fascism, & civil liberties: The Saturn-Pluto cycle [read]

European Union: Cultural unity or political empire? [read]

The Saturn-Uranus Opposition Series:
Dates, degrees, and chart wheels for the 2007-2011 series of oppositions [read]

Holding the vision: Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius [read]

Richard Stallman: Software freedom pioneer [read]

Phil Zimmerman: Inventor of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) [read]

Pluto through the Signs: Collective fears of annihilation [read]

The Bigger Picture: Global stability in the 20th and 21st centuries [read]

The Planetary Cycles of Human Rights: Landmark events and historical figures in the development of human rights concepts and practices [read]

The Stars of Ban Ki-Moon: The planet-star parans in the chart of new UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon [read]

Tony Blair's New Job: As envoy to the Middle East on behalf of the USA, Russia, the UN, and the EU

The Next 15 Years: The planets' movements from 2005 to 2020 [read]

Specific Countries

Australia: From foundation to federation [read]

Australian PM & New Cabinet: A profile of Kevin Rudd and his first Cabinet team [read]

Australian Cabinet Profile: Looking at the government team's mix of Zodiac signs [NB this article refers to John Howard's 2005 Cabinet] [read]

Canada's Astrological Patterns:
The national birth chart, and patterns in the country's choice of Prime Ministers [read]

France's New Cabinet:
A profile of the group dynamics within new President Nicolas Sarkozy's Cabinet [read]

Hugo Chavez & The Bolivarian Revolution: Venezuela's President and a source of his inspiration, Simón Bolívar [read]

UK's Identity Crisis & Opportunity: Transiting Pluto conjunct the Sun and IC begins sooner than you think [read]

An Unprecedented Year - The UK in 2013: 
The UK is undergoing an unprecedented year, as transiting Pluto finally reaches the exact conjunction with the nation's Sun, & transiting Uranus squares it. [read]

Parliament: Disclosed, or Closed? The MPs' expenses scandal - ACA, the FOI Act, and the whistleblowing leak of May 2009 [read]

UK's Neptune transit to Venus: Political, social and economic choices for 2005 and 2006 [read shorter version] [read full version]

UK's Freedom of Information Act: A new era of openness? [read]

1707 - 2007: Anniversary of the Act of Union:
May 2007 marked the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union which created Great Britain from Scotland, England and Wales [read]

The Hutton Inquiry: An example of retrograde Mars in the UK's national psyche [read]

Patriarchs, Matriarchs, & Complexity: The UK's birth chart [read]

A Policy of Concealment: Exiling the Chagos Islanders [read]

Tiananmen Square 1989: On the anniversary of the massacre in China the world bore witness to [read]

The Nurturing Mother and the Needy Child: The USA's birth chart [read]

USA Leadership Patterns: From the 19th to the 21st centuries [read]

USA's Healing Crisis: Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans [read]

Where Next for the USA? A cosmic handover [read]

Obama's First Cabinet: An astrological profile of Barack Obama's first team [read]

The USA & the Sun Signs of Obama's Cabinet: Using just Sun Signs to look at how the USA is shaped by this team [read]

Barack Obama & the USA: A chart comparison of the president and the nation [read]

Obama's Moment: 'The Audacity of Hope' keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention [read]

Scotland's Referendum on Independence from the UK: An astrological overview of cycles and transits for the forthcoming referendum [read]

Profile of the UK's Coalition Cabinet: An astrological profile of the new government team [read]

Deeper Patterns in the UK's Coalition Cabinet: 
A deeper look at the Cabinet's group dynamics, and George Osborne's chart (Chancellor of the Exchequer) [read]

UK General Election 2010:
Discussing the cyclic context for the country and some of the main parties' transits [read]

The Great Deceiver & the Great Deceptions of 1975 and 2016: Edward Heath, and the UK's two referendums on membership of the EEC/EU [read]

Sky Clouds

UK Political Parties & Politicians:

A Political Family - Ed Miliband, his brother & parents: The new leader of the Labour Party, and his political family background [read]

Architects of the 'New Labour' Brand:
Insights into the founding team's dynamics [read]

David Cameron & the Two Referendums: Scotland's referendum on the UK, and the UK's referendum on the EU - what is going on with David Cameron's transits between now and 2017? [read]

David Cameron - As Radical as Margaret Thatcher?: A look at the subtle harmonics in the prime minister's chart in relation to his ambition to be a radical social reformer [read]

George Osborne - The Invisible Prime Minister: Examining the seventh harmonic aspects in George Osborne's chart [read]

Cash For Influence: Labour's financial crisis over the 'disguised donations' [read]

Gordon Brown's Cabinet: A comparison of Blair's last Cabinet and Gordon's first [read]

Liberal Democrat Party: Leader Nick Clegg (newly elected as leader when the article was written). December 2007's leadership contest, and former party leaders Menzies Campbell and Charles Kennedy. Also, 2006's leadership contest information.

abour Party: Labour Party Leadership Contest....or Coronation?  Gordon Brown, the financially-skilled politician, and the drama of Gordon and Tony. Tony Blair - what makes him tick? Alastair Campbell, formerly 'New Labour's spin doctor & election strategist. Alan Milburn, leader of Labour's 2005 election campaign. Peter Mandelson, one of the founding quintet of 'New Labour.'

Conservative Party: Party leader David Cameron's birth chart, plus a separate article containing more info on his chart and his relationship to the UK. Former party leader Michael Howard, former leadership contenders David DavisKenneth Clarke and Liam Fox.

Conservative Party Leadership Contest: The winner has now been accounced (see above). This article remains here as a record of the contest. [read]

Scottish National Party:
The chart of the SNP and of current leader Alex Salmond.

Plaid Cymru: The chart of Plaid Cymru and of one of the party's MPs Adam Price.

Political Parties in Northern Ireland: The charts of the top four most popular political parties: DUP, Sinn Fein, UUP, and SDLP.

UK Independence Party:
UKIP is the UK's third largest party in the EU Parliament at the time of writing.

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