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Bringing the sky down to Earth
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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Astrology for the 21st Century!

Fresh, original, informative and inspirational, Astrology for the 21st Century gives voice to a new way of thinking about life. Instead of sowing seeds of fear, passivity and helplessness, astrology needs to break out of its history into a new, bright future.
Astrology has been around for millennia, and it moves with the times. It gets reinvented in each age, cross-fertilising other fields of inquiry and being cross-fertilised by them in turn.
As we move into this new millennium, astrology needs to reinvent itself again. We need to become more and more free of our fears of the future. We need now, more than ever, to understand what's going on in our lives, our workplaces, and our societies, so that we don't repeat the past, but instead move into future potential.
Astrology has a unique role to play in this process, because it helps us step outside our habitual frames of reference. It doesn't define who we are, but who we can be. It's not about putting people in boxes or dictating what will happen when. It's about opening up the range of possibilities and inspiring us to bring the sky down to Earth, to manifest our potential.

As Einstein said, problems can't be solved at the level of consciousness we were at when we created them. Simply put, astrology is a brilliant tool to shift our consciousness into a new gear, and at the same as that it can give us some extremely practical information, very down-to-earth and immediately useful. This site aims to demonstrate that.
Astrology for the 21st Century brings together the best of cutting edge astrological practice. There is plenty here for people new to astrology as well as for the seasoned pros. So please feel free to dive in, explore, and see what astrology can offer you in this exciting time and space.

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