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Understanding change

Mental models

A popular classification of change that can help to define and understand it is that of First Order/Second Order. In this model, First Order change is slow, incremental, linear, evolutionary, and does not significantly alter the  core of yourself or your lifein any way. Second Order change is non-linear and revolutionary change that drastically alters the core of you or your life, i.e. your deeply held unconscious beliefs, your long-standing values, your strong identifications of self, and so on. This has a parallel in ‘single-loop learning’ and ‘double-loop learning’. Single-loop learning is the kind of learning that we are used to: we make a decision, act on it, notice the results, assess the difference between what we wanted and what we’ve got, then make a further decision in light of that assessment, take further action, and so on around the loop.

Single-loop learning

Double-loop learning is where we go around the loop but this time instead of continuing we take note of and question our mental models pertaining to the situation we are making decisions about and acting within, the people involved in it, and the results we are getting. Our mental models are our paradigms, our values, and our beliefs and assumptions about how the world works or about ourselves or other people, and all of these are often beneath our conscious awareness for much of the time. It's necessary to re-direct our attention if we want to bring these assumptions to the surface, but if we take the time to do it, our decisions and actions change, and we notice different feedback. This is reminiscent of Einstein’s statement that problems cannot be solved at the level of the thinking that created them.

Double-loop learning

With the transits of the outermost planets - Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and also the planetoid Chiron - in particular, double-loop learning is often part and parcel of the change. Second Order change – radical, affecting the core of your self-concept or the fundamental structure of your life – is usually a feature of these transits. The above diagrams conceptually represent these Orders of change in a pragmatic way, and are like archetypes of change that are universally applicable and can therefore be used by anyone either alone or with others, for insights into your own life, your family life, and your working life, as well as into national and international social and political life.

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