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Gordon Ramsay: Celebrity chef
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Gordon Ramsay is famous for not only his high standards in his restaurants, but also his aggression and swearing. He has had two television series' lately, both titled with 'underworld' imagery: Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, and Hell's Kitchen.

In the former he arranged to work as a troubleshooter in various pub restaurants, where he had ample opportunity to tear his hair out, swear a lot, and use his favourite phrases: 'd'you know that?' and the very American 'right now'.

In the latter he took on a team of 12 celebrities, most of whom had no prior experience of cooking at a professional level, and attempted to run a specially built restaurant in London where celebrities would turn up and hope to receive food, such was the scale of failure that ensued. There was some notable success though, however the difficulties were hardly surprising when the celebrities only had 2 weeks of training before jumping in at the deep end, trying to produce food of a standard matching that of top restaurants.

So what is it in this man that drives him so hard, and that drives him to shout and swear at other people so ****ing much?!

His time of birth isn't known, but he was born on 8th November 1966. His chart is made up of just 3 clusters of planets:

1) Sun, Venus and Neptune close together in Scorpio. This is a person with charisma and charm, but who is drawn to the darker, intense side of human nature. This is someone who loves a bit of danger, and who can be attractive to others because of their air of edginess and mystery, as if they cannot be fully trusted because they're a person of extremes and dark horse. Scorpio can be self-destructive, self-hating, self-loathing. Fundamentally though, this is a people person, despite the 'you're not going to get to see the real me or my softer side' persona.

2) Moon, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto close together in Virgo. Now here is the hot-house part of the chart. This is massively combustible energy. Pressure cooker times ten. Aggressive, hostile, liable to snap at any minute, huge mood swings, massive insecurity and an absolute obsession with being in control. Hypertension is an understatement. Compulsive-obsessive disorder is a strong possibility. Maniacal perfectionism is a given. Abusive, bullying behaviour is not at all surprising.

3) Saturn and Chiron are close together in Pisces. This signifies the victim-victimiser syndrome: martyrdom and self-immolation, perfectionism and great, crashing disappointment, issues with compassion and cruelty - probably experienced extreme pain in his early life. There is great fear of chaos and disintegration, 'losing it' and fading away into nothing, adding to the compulsion to be in charge all the time mentioned above.

These three clusters are all tied together by aspects. Clusters 2) and 3) are directly opposite one another, adding further tension and a tendency to swing from one to the other. Tremendous driving ambition and a desire nature that can't stand to lose make this a very tense configuration. This is a person who really feels that he has to put himself through the wringer before he deserves anything, including basic self-worth and happiness.

The chart can help us understand the inside of a person, which can help us give them a break. A person has every right to their issues, however inflicting them onto other people starts to cross the line into unacceptable behaviour, no matter what compassion we have for them.

It's no good being addicted to being a tortured soul in order to achieve success, when you find at the top that you're empty, lonely, miserable, and a wretched mess of inner conflict. Spreading that around by creating foul atmospheres, destroying other people's self-esteem, and generally acting like a demented army sergeant doesn't help anyone or liberate great talent. And I'm sure that whilst the food served may look and taste perfect, a good cook knows that for food to be nourising it must be prepared with care and joy, not trepidation and self-flagellating perfectionism.

His transits at the moment and over the next year or two are reflecting an increase in his character traits, which he's capitalising on in terms of raising his profile and earning money, but transits always correlate with inner changes too; lofty as it may sound, they're promptings from the Self to evolve and change, to make the best of what we've got rather than live our themes on the lowest possible denominator or the path of least resistance.

One day, Gordon might find a way to combine his talent and high standards with smelling the roses along they way. He might soften up a bit and let out his Sun-Venus-Neptune side through his personality in public rather than just off camera, and instead of just drawing on it to create artistic and creative dishes. He might learn compassion for himself, and self-acceptance - it's so important for Sun-Venus-Neptune people to like who they are. And then he might learn to treat other people differently in order to get the best out of them. Better these things than heart attacks, ulcers, business failures, court cases, or being destroyed from within by losing his grip on his status in the restaurant world.

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