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James Bond: His Birthchart, His Creator, and the Actors Who've Portrayed Him

Published: 4th August 2008

The James Bond series of films is the most successful cinematic series ever¹, as well as the longest-running in the history of cinema.
Created in 1952 by Ian Fleming and first published as a novel a year later in 1953, there have been more than 20 films, the first of which was released in 1962.

James Bond is an icon. Just like Sherlock Holmes, James Bond has long since entered popular culture, enjoying widespread appeal all around the world. His catchphrases are part of ordinary conversations even among people who aren't fans, and the actors who've played him tend to become associated with him forever after.

In this article we'll look at the chart of Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond character and author of the 14 novels in which he featured. We'll show the charts of the actors who've played James Bond in the official film releases, and we'll also discuss the chart of the iconic spy himself.

Ian Fleming's birth chart

Here is Ian Fleming's birth chart. The source of his time of birth is not known so its accuracy cannot be vouched for here, therefore please exercise caution with regard to the house cusps and the exact position of the Moon. The Moon is, however, definitely in Taurus.

Ian Fleming birth chart

Fleming's Gemini cluster of planets - Sun, Mercury, and Pluto - are perfect for his career path: he worked as a journalist and a stockbroker, he served in the Naval Intelligence Division, and finally he became an author. To quote from the book 'Martinis, Guns, and Girls: 50 years of 007'², during his intelligence work:

"He had access to all the secret data on the cracking of codes, the interrogation of spies, the interpretation of aerial reconnaissance, the monitoring of radio traffic and, especially important, the infiltration of Allied agents in occupied Europe."

It was in this role that Fleming came into his own and could draw on his Gemini planets. Here is another wonderful quote (from the same book) expressing this planetary cluster, along with his Jupiter in Leo:

"Ian Fleming's life in the second half of the 1930s was, in many ways, wasted. He was a rootless playboy, overshadowed by his brilliant, bestselling older brother, who flitted from affair to affair, breaking hearts with indifference, and who was undeniably bored by his career."

Gemini & Mercury

The theme of siblings is often strong in those with Gemini planets and the involvement of Pluto reflects not a straightforward or friendly rivalry, as is fairly common between siblings, but a deep-seated power struggle and potentially destructive undercurrents of jealousy. It's a complex relationship, despite any apparent simplicity on the surface, and essentially a love-hate interaction.

Ian Fleming's older brother, Peter, was born almost exactly one year before Ian which means that their Sun's are conjunct. Both of them have Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in Gemini, and both have a Mercury-Pluto conjunction. These are intense sibling connections, showing close identification with each other but riddled with darker thoughts and emotions.

In Fleming's chart Mercury is not just conjunct Pluto but also Mars. Moreover, it's on the midpoint (the halfway point) between Mars and Pluto, and so Mercury is the focal point for Mars and Pluto to come together. This means that there is not only competitiveness but also issues of destructiveness and in this case death, and it was when their father, Valentine Fleming, was killed during the First World War that Peter became the substitute father figure. When
Valentine was killed transiting Pluto was almost exactly conjunct Ian's Mars.

Geographically, and assuming a fairly accurate birthtime, this midpoint structure (Mercury = Mars/Pluto) runs near to Ian Fleming's home in Jamaica, which he personally designed and had built and which he named Goldeneye. It's where he wrote (Mercury) his thriller (Mars/Pluto) stories about the spy (Mercury with Pluto) with a licence to kill (Mars/Pluto).

Saturn in Aries

Bond is regarded as based partly on Fleming's life and character, but significantly on the person he would have liked to have been. That person is more action-oriented, and although intelligent not an intellectual.

Despite the vital importance of the role he played during the Second World War, Ian seems to have felt that the emphasis in his career lacked the heroic and courageous spirit of those who fought in the war (shades of his father). 
Fleming's sense of inadequacy is shown by his Saturn in Aries, and it's pivotal in the creation of James Bond.

Saturn in Aries indicates someone who is in fact very courageous and risk-taking with a strong orientation towards taking concrete action, but who inwardly grapples with a lot of self-doubt and fears. Inside themselves they feel as if they lack bravery and strength, and that they are far from heroic.

When Ian wrote the first James Bond novel transiting Jupiter was exactly conjunct his natal Saturn in Aries. Jupiter had reached 7 degrees 45 minutes of Aries, and Fleming's Saturn was located at 7 degrees 45 minutes of Aries. Jupiter represents an opening up, especially of opportunity and creativity, and a broadening of horizons.

This was an echo from an earlier development along his trajectory towards the invention of James Bond when, affter around three months of working in the Admiralty part-time, Fleming was made a Lieutenant in the NID. During his part-time work Jupiter had approached and then exactly conjoined Ian's Saturn, and when the Lieutenant position was made official Jupiter was just one degree past the exact conjunction, at 8 degrees 46 minutes of Aries.

These Jupiter transits reflected a triggering of Ian's natal Jupiter-Saturn trine. In his birth chart Ian had Jupiter at 8 degrees 28 minutes of Leo. His employment as Lieutenant therefore took place as transiting Jupiter was almost exactly to the minute trine his natal Jupiter.

James Bond's birth chart

The character of James Bond was first written down in Fleming's first novel, Casino Royale. The exact time of the 'birth' of James Bond is not known with certainty, but it is known that Fleming habitually wrote from 9am to 12 noon each day and that on this occasion he began writing after his morning swim on the 15th of January 1952, in his house named 'Goldeneye' in Jamaica. This chart is therefore set for 9am on that date and in that location.

James Bond birth chart
The birthchart of James Bond, calculated for
9am on 15th January 1952, Oracabessa, Jamaica

As noted above, Jupiter at 7 Aries 45 picks up Fleming's own Saturn in Aries and reflects a creative development arising from what was in Fleming's psyche a sense of inadequacy and lack.

This is the astrological view of how James Bond became the person Ian Fleming wanted to be, living the life he wanted to live, opening up through fiction where things in reality had narrowed down and bringing bursts of an adventurous life to what was perceived by Fleming to be relatively more mundane living.

Where Ian Fleming perhaps doubted his bravery and his virility - Saturn in Aries - James Bond never does, being possessed of an effortless courage and a natural man of action and adventure - Jupiter in Aries. Where Saturn in Aries has second thoughts about derring do and questions masculinity, especially immature masculinity, Jupiter in Aries glorifies masculine aggression, enlarges it, and lives the essential spirit of it in a larger than life way. Or, as Judi Dench's M put it, James Bond is 'a sexist, mysogynist dinosaur'!

Ian Fleming & James Bond

Inner wheel: Ian Fleming
Outer wheel: James Bond

With the Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Virgo James Bond is nothing if not fastidious, impeccable, and disciplined. The Sun is square to the Mars-Neptune conjunction in Libra, showing a mythical suave hero who is actually rather anonymous and featureless in many respects; indeed, Fleming wrote him that way so that anyone could step into his shoes in their minds when reading his novels.

Bond as initially described lacks a strongly defined sense of self, reflecting the relatively unconnected nature of the Sun. He is a functionary of the State (Sun Capricorn, Moon Virgo), a 'blunt instrument' wielded by M, yet with the Sun in septile to Pluto the darker, ruthless side of the agent with the 'licence to kill' has a quality of engaging charm about him.

The Sun's quintile arrangement with the Moon and Jupiter shows a somewhat formalised character, consciously and conscientiously self-styled in the mould of an adventurer or traveller, deliberately larger than life and possessing that ultra-masculine free-ranging spirit of Jupiter in Aries.

Venus in a sextile aspect with Saturn shows a need for relational stability: Miss Moneypenny springs to mind. On its own it would contradict Bond's womanising ways, but Venus is also in septile with Uranus showing that the character is inspired by emotional distance and being a free agent.

Examination of the planet-star parans for the time of Ian Fleming's settling down to write the first James Bond novel shows the following, lifted directly from pre-writteninterpretations that were not written with any particular event, person, or character in mind:-

Anti-culminating when Thuban is Rising
National secrets, spies and security matters

Actors who've played Bond in the EON-produced films

There are six actors who have played Bond in the official cinematic films. In order, they are: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. These are their birthcharts. Please keep in mind that for some of these charts the time of birth is unknown, therefore the house cusps have been removed and the Moon's exact position cannot be calculated.

Sean Connery

Sean Connery is the actor most frequently cited as people's favourite James Bond. It's often said that when he isn't their favourite, he's the second on the list of all the official cinematic Bonds.

The close identification is reflected astrologically by Connery's Sun being at 1 degree 45 minutes of Virgo, conjunct James Bond's Moon at 1 degree of Virgo. His Neptune close by shows the blurring of the boundaries of identity, and the mythical, charismatic, image-making potential.

His Moon in Virgo echoes Bond's Moon in Virgo - emotionally economical, business-like, and fastidious.

Sean Connery birth chart
Picking up on Bond's Capricorn planets, Connery has Saturn - Capricorn's ruling planet - in Capricorn, as well as his Ascendant. Bond's self-contained, down-to-business, yet also sensual persona was thus emphasised by Sean's portrayal. With typical Capricornian awareness of mortal limits, Connery said of Bond:

"When I first met Fleming there was no dissension between us on how to see Bond. I saw him as a complete sensualist - senses highly tuned, awake to everything, quite amoral... doing a tough job. He may not be around tomorrow, remember."

Sean was cast as Bond in 1961 when Pluto was trining his Saturn-Ascendant in Capricorn, after it had just moved across his Sun-Neptune conjunction and James Bond's Moon, and as Uranus was moving towards Connery's Sun.

At the release of the first James Bond film, Dr No, in 1963, transiting Uranus was exactly conjunct Sean's Sun and Neptune, while transiting Neptune was just starting to come within orb of conjoining his MC - the beginnings of an iconic figure in cinematic history.

George Lazenby

With his Mars at 24 degrees 52 minutes of Capricorn almost exactly conjunct James Bond's Sun at 24 degrees 22 minutes of Capricorn, and his Jupiter at 6 degrees 37 minutes of Aries very close to Bond's Jupiter at 7 degrees 45 minutes of Aries, it's little wonder that EON wanted George Lazenby to sign up to a 7 year contract to play the fictional spy.

Although not conjunct Bond's Moon, George Lazenby has several Virgo planets, including a Sun-Venus conjunction. He was a model and a martial artist, echoing all these planetary connections, and in true Sun-Venus style he played the Bond who got married.

George Lazenby birth chart

George was announced as the new James Bond in a press conference held on 7th October 1968, as a transiting Jupiter-Pluto conjunction linked with his Mars-Uranus-Neptune Grand Trine, which itself connected with James Bond's Sun.

Roger Moore

With no planets in Capricorn and only one in Virgo, Roger Moore didn't carry on with James Bond's cold sensualist persona. His Sun-Mars conjunction in Libra conjoining Bond's Mars-Saturn-Neptune cluster Roger instead brought out Bond's debonair charm.

 A second Neptune influence was the conjunction of Moore's Neptune with Bond's Moon. Thus the cold killer became more of a refined gent.

Roger Moore birth chart
When Roger Moore was announced as the new James Bond at a press conference on 1st August 1972, Uranus was about to conjoin his Sun (Sean Connery became James Bond just before the same transit), and his Mars, bringing out his 'debonair action hero' side. Saturn was also trining his Sun-Mars, showing the process of giving form and substance to this side of his character.

Timothy Dalton

With no birth time available for Timothy Dalton it's not certain whether he was born when the Sun was in Pisces, or in Aries - it changed Signs on the day of his birth.

Dalton's chart is very different to the previous Bond actors. His Mars-Saturn conjunction in Cancer suggests careful aggression geared towards protection and patriotism, and his Moon in Scorpio shows a surface iciness masking a deeper passionate nature.

His Aries planets evoke the masculine temperament, and it's his Mercury in Aries that links with Bond's Jupiter, providing one of the few direct connections between the two charts. The other is Dalton's Jupiter at 25 degrees of Libra, close to Bond's Mars.

Timothy Dalton birth chart

Timothy was confirmed as the new James Bond on 6th August 1986 as transiting Saturn retrograded back to a trine with his Sun, and Neptune went back to square it. 

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan has some strong links with the chart of James Bond. Apart from their Earthy Sun's being closely trine one another, Brosnan's Uranus is conjunct Bond's Uranus, his Neptune is almost exactly conjunct Bond's Neptune, and his Pluto is almost exactly conjunct Bond's Pluto. Brosnan was born just over one year after James Bond, and thus Brosnan is plugged into James Bond in a 'zeitgeist' kind of way.

Pierce Brosnan birth chart

Pierce was announced as having been cast as James Bond in a press conference in early June 1994. This was an interesting time since Uranus and Neptune were conjunct James Bond's Sun - a new era was beginning in the world, and in James Bond's life. The Uranus-Neptune conjunction linked with Brosnan's Sun in Taurus.

Daniel Craig

And so to the latest and current actor to portray James Bond in the official film productions, Daniel Craig.

Daniel has several planets in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, so playing an action hero would not be a stretch. His Mars-Saturn conjunction in Aries reflects a steely coldness that befits the early characterisation, and his Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo trines Bond's Sun in Capricorn.

With his Jupiter closely conjunct Bond's Moon, he can be expected to portray Bond's inner motivations in a larger way than those before him.

Daniel Craig birth chart

Craig was announced as the new James Bond on 14th October 2005, as Saturn in Leo was trining his Mars-Saturn natal conjunction in Aries. The tougher Bond who endured a torture scene was back.

At that time transiting Uranus was, as with two other actors to play Bond, in the process of going backwards and forwards, forming conjunctions with Daniel's Sun. This transiting aspect symbolises the awakening of the masculine, heroic self, as well as the exploration of a new character, in tandem with the exploration of a new part of oneself.

The aspect was exact in 2006 when Casino Royale was released and Craig made his debut, obtaining his new identity in full.

¹ Source:
² 'Martinis, Guns and Girls: 50 Years of 007' by Martin Sterling & Gary Morecambe

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