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Madonna & Guy Ritchie:
A look at their chart synastry
This article was written & published in July 2006

In astrology there are ways to assess the relationship dynamics of a couple. The various methods and techniques of doing such an analysis are referred to by the umbrella term 'synastry'.

In its simplest form, synastry involves taking the birth chart of one person and comparing it to another by seeing which planets most directly connect between the two charts, and which houses the planets are located in.

Below are the birth charts of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. At the centre of the circle is Madonna's chart, and Guy's chart is around the outside. Guy's birth-time is not in the public domain and so it's not possible to calculate the exact position of the Moon in his chart (it could be in Aries, or it could be in Taurus), nor is it possible to calculate his Ascendant, Midheaven, or other house cusps. Therefore in the diagram below Madonna's house cusps have been extended from the inner circle to the outer circle. This makes it easy to see where Guy's planets are located in Madonna's houses.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie - birth charts

Synastry can be very complex indeed - human relationships by their very nature are complex and so the astrology of human relationships matches that complexity - however a simple chart comparison can yield valuable information. Rather than looking at all the aspects made between two charts, the quickest way to reveal the primary relationship dynamics is to see which planets are closely conjunct each other.

Looking at the above chart wheels, we find these three primary connections:

  • Guy's Sun at 17 Virgo 47 is closely conjunct Madonna's Moon at 18 Virgo 53. Guy's Jupiter and Pluto are just a few degrees away too.
  • Madonna's Sun at 23 Leo 36 is closely conjunct Guy's Mars at 22 Leo 52.
  • Madonna's South node at 23 Aries 59 is closely conjunct Guy's Saturn at 24 Aries 34.
We also find that the majority of Guy's planets are located in Madonna's 7th and 8th houses: five of his planets are in her 7th house, and two are in her 8th.

What do these interconnections mean?

The Sun-Moon conjunction is indicative of a strong level of identification between two people. It's a classic significator of a close bond - two peas in a pod. The presence of Guy's Jupiter and Pluto magnify and expand this tremendously. Madonna has described her identification with Guy in the lyrics of one of her latest songs: "A better version of myself." This neatly encapsulates their Sun-Moon-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction.

That lyric comes from the song 'Push', a Martian activity. Madonna sings: "Keep on pushing like nobody" and credits Guy with pushing her to develop herself, to keep going, to overcome what she sees as her weaknesses. All this is characteristic of Mars. In her recent documentary, 'I'm Going To Tell You A Secret', Madonna elaborates on this relationship dynamic, further evoking the spirit of Mars expressed through the lens of partnership and love:

"Your soul-mate is the person that pushes all your buttons, p****s you off on a regular basis... It's not easy having a good marriage but I don't want easy."

Furthermore, in an interview, she said about first meeting Guy that she 'knew he was a formidable human being'.

Madonna's Sun closely conjoined with Guy's Mars symbolises this pushing of one another and the feeling of being formidable that is experienced between two people when they have this type of aspect between their charts. The fact that the sign placement of this Sun-Mars conjunction is Leo makes it all the more fiery, but also potentially more creative and life-affirming.

Guy's Saturn conjunct Madonna's South node suggests that there is a feeling of responsibility shared between the couple, and that they are working on father issues together. The commitment they have both shown to bringing up a family in a stable and supportive environment, with values of respect, healthy limits, and self-responsibility, are symbolised by this chart aspect.

The grouping of Guy's planets in Madonna's 7th and 8th houses shows that he is directly attuned to what Madonna needs to learn in marriage: the 7th and 8th houses are those of partnership in general and marriage in particular. They are the houses of compromise and surrender. They are where we yield and give way so that the 'I' can become a 'we'. Interviews suggest that Madonna and guy know that this is part of their joint task, their purpose for being together. As Guy has put it, simply and succinctly:

"Relationships are about eating humble pie."

Or, in the words of Madonna in a recent interview:

"Diane Sawyer once said that marriage is a contest of generosity and I agree but sometimes I lose and sometimes I win. But I am still in the game and this game has taught me the art of compromise and the art of diplomacy. These two qualities have served me well."

What is there left to say except 'it's all in the charts!'

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