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Parents Through The Eyes Of Their Children
Written & published: June 2007

The astrology of families is fascinating. One particularly interesting aspect of this is how a parent appears in the charts of their children.

As well as looking at a parent's birth chart, we can examine the charts of their children, and this is similar to looking at a series of snapshots in a family photo album. It affords us an insight into the parent's character and the themes they are living out, which the child witnesses and responds to.

This could be seen as a form of inquiry into astrological inheritance. Parental themes sometimes repeat in the charts of more than one child, showing that the theme is perhaps not - or not just - that child's projection onto their parent, but something more real, something palpable, something traceable. The first two of the three examples used in this article show this in action.

In a birth chart, the parents are shown by the MC-IC axis, and the Sun (father) and Moon (mother). The examples in this article deal only with the mother, and so we will use the Moon, the MC, and the IC.

Madonna through the eyes of Lourdes & Rocco

The birth charts of Madonna's children, Lourdes - or 'Lola' - and Rocco are shown below:

Lourdes Leon's birth chart

In Lola's chart, the parental axis has Gemini-Sagittarius across it. This points to education and religion as themes carried by the parents. Lola's MC is ruled by Jupiter, placed in Capricorn in the 11th house, indicating a mother who 'belongs' to the world, rather than being exclusively focused on the home.

The MC is on the Sun/Uranus midpoint, indicating a mother who is 'animus'-driven, concerned with creative issue. Her Moon in Scorpio in the 9th house square to Mars shows her mother's relationship issues and a 'foreign cultures' theme, as well as her mother's tenacity, intensity, and fighting spirit.

Rocco Ritchie's birth chart

Where Lola's birth chart had the MC on the Sun/Uranus midpoint, Rocco's birth chart has Sun-Uranus placed directly across the MC-IC axis which is itself in Leo-Aquarius, the Signs associated with those very same planets. This reinforces the idea of Madonna as someone preoccupied with creative issue and the expression of identity.

The children are both participating in a theme about the exploration of the multifaceted self. In Rocco's chart, this theme moves into the sphere of both parents, not just the mother, and becomes a key relationship theme between them.

Sarah Ferguson through the eyes of Beatrice & Eugenie

The birth charts of Sarah Ferguson's two children, Beatrice and Eugenie, are shown below:

Princess Beatrice's birth chart

As seen through Beatrice's chart, Sarah appears as someone battling the establishment, caught between the modern and the traditional: the Moon in the 10th house is directly opposite the Saturn-Uranus conjunction in the 4th house.

Jupiter 'leaning into' the MC reinforces the Sagittarius IC - action, movement, adventure, education, foreign cultures. Sarah was known at the time as someone who travelled frequently, published children's books, and lived an action-oriented and adventurous lifestyle.

Princess Eugenie's birth chart
In Eugenie's chart, things have clearly moved on. The MC-IC axis is no longer in freedom-loving Gemini-Sagittarius, but in grounded and rooted Cancer-Capricorn. Leo-Aquarius are intercepted in the 4th-10 houses, however, and with the Moon in Aquarius echoing Beatrice's Moon opposite Saturn-Uranus there is still a rebellion against the establishment going on, it's just written another way. The Moon in semisextile to Saturn and semisquare to Uranus re-states this.

In both Beatrice's and Eugenie's charts the Moon is conjunct Venus. In a recent interview with Pamela Stephenson/Connolly, Sarah talked about how she grew up feeling unattractive and unappealing, and so took great care to instill in her children the idea that they are beautiful. This theme of mirroring ideas of beauty and unattractiveness is reflected in these Moon-Venus conjunctions.

Margaret Thatcher through the eyes of Carol & Mark

Margaret Thatcher's children are Carol and Mark, and they are twins. Their birth chart is shown below:

Carol & Mark Thatcher's birth chart
In Carol and Mark's chart the MC-IC axis is Virgo-Pisces, showing a parental theme of dedication and self-sacrifice. The MC is ruled by Mercury, which is placed in Leo in conjunction with Mars, indicating a strong- and stubborn-minded mother, who applied her creative energy to verbal battles and winning debates; a forceful mind and a sharp tongue, with something to prove, pride to be upheld, and honour to be fought for.

The Moon in Libra in the 11th house shows a mother focused on society and the world more than on domestic affairs. The Moon's conjunction with Saturn and Neptune indicates authority but also idealism. In this configuration, the mother is seen as someone trying to ground a vision that concerns society at large.

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