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Russell Brand: The Hyperactive Soul of a Romantic Poet-Comedian

Published: 19th February 2008

Russell Brand has been described as 'the new king of comedy' who came into a bigger spotlight thanks to presenting the 'Big Brother' spin-off series, 'Big Brother's Big Mouth'. The programme played to the strengths of this Sun-Gemini, consisting of live television discussion in a, shall we say, very energetic style.

Since then Russell has gone on to establish quite a reputation, and not just for comedy. He is now as famous for his celebrity liaisons, his former drug-taking, and his dandy style of dress as for his mischievous wit. In both 2006 and 2007 the magazine GQ gave him an award for 'Stylish Man of the Year', the only problem being that in the first year it was 'Most Stylish' and the second year 'Least Stylish'.

Brand has won comedy awards as well as being included in votes for the most annoying person of the year. Despite his successes in stand-up comedy, radio broadcasting, television presenting, acting, and book authoring, Russell remains a controversial figure not just for all the reasons outlined above but also because of the talent question: does he possess much of it, or is he a lightweight, a flash in the pan?

As we'll see, this 'Jack of all trades', new-kid-on-the-block, pretender-to-the-throne, persona is part and parcel of who Russell Brand is, not just what he does.

Russell Brand's birth chart

The time of this chart should be treated with some caution, and regarded as very probably approximate. It's taken from Russell's autobiography which states simply 'midnight'. Also, on the internet there are different dates of birth in circulation; this chart has been calculated using his autobiographical data.

Russell Brand birth chart

Most people know the Sign position of the Sun in their birth chart, and one way to keep astrology simple but add in another piece of very useful information is to look at the Moon's Sign, and blend the two together. Roughly two-thirds of the time the Moon's Sign can be calculated using just the date of birth, without knowing the time.

Contemplating the Signs of the Sun and the Moon together, rather than isolating the Sun, gives a more rounded picture of a person's psychological make-up. It provides us with major clues to their motivations and more accurately symbolises their characteristic self-expression.

Twins, & Ram

In Russell's case we can be confident that his Moon is in Aries, so in terms of his blend of Sun and Moon he is a Gemini-Aries.
Need we go further to find the significators of his somewhat manic, garrulous, childish-yet-forward persona? In their book on the Sun-Moon pairs, Charles and Suzi Harvey describe this combination thus:

"You have speed, flair and a self-assertive pugnacity which is constantly jockeying for position. In you, nerves and adrenaline combine or conflict. Are you all restless talk, or are you Action Man? Are you a knight errant or a quick, beguiling trickster? Are you a rough-tongued toughie or a smooth-talking persuader? You are a whizz with words, wit, satire and pointed jokes, and can be a veritable escape-artist and rationaliser when it comes to talking your way out of situations and arguing that black is white."

In the same book the Harveys also say:

"Twenty-four-hour rolling news and current-affairs programmes were dreamed up for and by the likes of you. You have the gifts of a formidable lawyer, a natural writer, broadcaster, politician or debater. In short, this is an ideal combination for any job where you have to think on your feet."

If the other dates in the public domain claiming to be Russell's birth date were accurate he wouldn't have this Gemini-Aries combination, which seems so 'him'. He would be a Sun-Virgo, Moon-Taurus, which just doesn't fit at all. Perfectly capturing Brand's childlike persona in their description of the Sun-Gemini-Moon-Aries pairing, Suzi and Charles Harvey wrote:

"For all your quickness, curiosity, and with-it, street-wise dexterity, you have about you a certain naive, bright freshness and spontaneity."

Most appositely, they wrote that when it comes to relationships this type can "play the troubadour and spina love lyric", playing the field and avoiding boredom.

Not half as tall

Of course not everyone has the same character or life-style as Russell, so where are the differences? In Russell's case, his Sun is with Mercury in Gemini, reinforcing the Air-element in his chart. Mercury is the planet of mental processing and communication in all its forms. This is the 'Jack of all trades' side of his psyche.

His Moon is close to a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aries, which positively sets his chart alight. The combination of Air element and Fire element fans the flames... but can produce a lot of hot air.

The combination of the two makes him ideally suited to live broadcasting and stand-up comedy, where you live by your wits, fully alive in the moment, thriving on the excitement, the repartee, and the instant, straight-forward feedback.

His sexual 'enthusiasm' - he does not consider himself addicted to sex - and former drug addiction can be glimpsed in the oppositions between Moon-Mars and Pluto and Sun and Neptune respectively. The Sun-Neptune opposition is configured with Mars, tying together these two parts of the chart.

A quote from Russell which expresses these parts of his birthchart:

"I suppose the reason I go on about death is because I'm afraid of it, afraid of not getting everything done. I don't want to die as That Mad Bloke From Big Brother. I didn't want to die as That Mad Bloke From MTV. I want to do something that has value, worth, poetry and momentum. I'd just like to do everything I can. Trees grow as tall as they can, don't they - not half as tall."

Star connections

Before closing it's worth mentioning a few star parans. A paran is similar to an aspect, in that it's a connection between two stellar bodies, in this case a planet and a star. They add another dimension to the usual levels of chart interpretation.

First we have the Moon, which, in addition to the Neptune and Pluto aspects described earlier, points to Russell's experience of the darker side of human nature, the best and the worst. The Moon is in paran with Alcyone, which is a star in the Pleiades cluster of Taurus.

Alcyone, in the Pleiades, in the constellation Taurus

Next, we have Mercury's paran with Alphard, a star located in the constellation Hydra. This paran is associated with having a sharp tongue and a tendency to become very focused on an issue.

Alphard, in the constellation of the Hydra

And finally, there is the paran which gave the title to this article about Russell - Jupiter with Castor. Castor is in the constellation Gemini, and in paran with Jupiter it denotes 'a person with the soul of a romantic poet'.

Castor, in the constellation of Gemini

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