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Shrink Rap - Part 2: Interviewees
Written & published: April 2007

This is a sequel to the article about Pamela Connolly (née Pamela Stephenson) and her new series of psychological interviews of well-known people, being broadcast on More4 this week. Five famous people are showing having a dialogue with Pamela, touching on painful areas and getting behind the 'celebrity image' to the person that lies beneath.

The purpose of this article is to show how the things these people say during the interview link to their birth charts. People 'speak their chart' and in doing so show how they have 'lived their chart' up until now, what their experiences and their choices have resulted in in terms of the potentials inside them that are reflected in the chart, and how the themes of the chart have actually been played out in their lives.

As in psychotherapy, so astrology too has a perspective wherein a person can, by exploring their inner selves, become more comfortable in their own skin and start to 'live their chart' themes in more fulfilling and increasingly creative ways. Instead of being a character labelled by their chart, they are, in fact, an ever-evolving, ever-unfolding, creative design being woven with our own participation.

The people interviewed on the programme are:
  • Sharon Osbourne
  • Stephen Fry
  • David Blunkett
  • Sarah Ferguson
  • Robin Williams
NB This article was originally going to be a web log entry, hence its random and 'off the top of the head' style, but the blog wouldn't allow charts to be uploaded so it has been placed here instead. So please make allowances!

Sharon Osbourne

Note: Half of Sharon's interview was missed and so not as much is written for this entry as for the others in the series.

Sharon spoke about her father's cruelty to her in her childhood, as well as her deep affection for him. She described herself as a younger person as a 'brat', and how her husband Ozzy 'made me nicer'.

Sharon Osbourne's birth chart

Sharon's Sun-Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra symbolises a father who could be cruel and destructive, yet who was simultaneously adored and idolised. The Moon in opposition to Mars shows an image of the feminine as independent and strong-willed, yet aggressive and struggling to survive, a picture fleshed out by Venus in Scorpio symbolising a woman who must survive at all costs.

Sharon's reference to Ozzy making her nicer, softening the 'brat' side of her, is shown by his Neptune being close to her Sun-Saturn conjunction, their Venuses conjunct, and reinforced by her Venus being on his Sun/Neptune midpoint, his Neptune and his nodal axis being on her Venus/Neptune midpoint.

Stephen Fry

Pamela's interview with Stephen discussed his difficulties with his body relationship, his tendency to be mental and verbal rather than getting in touch with his feelings and the connection between this and his experience of depression, and his history with his disapproving and intellectually-accomplished father.

Stephen's conversation with Pamela reflected his stellium in Virgo, a classic indicator of a workaholic, driven by a father-critic voice in his head, and images of having a disapproving finger wagged at him telling him that he's just not quite good enough. Sun closely conjunct Pluto in Virgo is renowned for being obsessive and compulsive, unrelenting, and prone to fierce black moods. The wider conjunction with Mars adds drive, push, and aggression to the picture.

Stephen Fry's birth chart

His Moon conjunct Uranus in Leo, in opposition with Chiron, shows a disconnection from feelings and the body and, coupled with his Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Libra, a pleasing display of 'what the audience wants'. This Moon-Uranus conjunction combines with his Sun on the Mercury/Uranus midpoint, which reinforces the idea of someone who wishes he could just be (Sun) a brain (Mercury/Uranus) and who, as he revealed in the programme, experiences a ceaseless barrage of very strong stimuli from the environment and from information.

Thes configurations reflect someone who sees no value in being physical unless the physical is an absolutely perfect specimen of a purely mental conception. They body would only be worth having if it were a perfect expression of the utopian mind.

Stephen's life shows how you can use something like a Sun=Mercury/Uranus midpoint creatively to strengthen one's sense of oneself and at the same time express one's talents, yet at the same time using it creatively does not, in itself, heal the over-emphasis on the mind and the personality's 'lopsidedness'. In some ways, Sun=Mercury/Uranus remains a kind of trap for Stephen, and because it has led to fame and recognition (Sun) perhaps the entrapment by that side of the personality becomes even stronger. There is a conflicting parental message: 'be original' yet also 'copy me'.

The desperate need, driven by the parental judgements, to be outstanding and anything but ordinary or mediocre (Sun/Leo/Uranus) has given birth to a brilliant mind (Mercury/Uranus) but where is the space and value for the authentic self, holistic, whole, complete, genuinely satisfied with himself but not self-satisfied and not crippled by the weight of his father's mind and compelled to attempt to copy and replicate it? Some would say a 'talking cure' intervention is of limited value where a person is rejecting feelings and the body and has learned to use the mind as a safe haven.

David Blunkett

David spoke about how his mother was practical in times of emotional distress - Moon in Capricorn. There was also a disconnection between emotion and intellect, represented by the Moon in opposition to Mercury. Reasoning and practicality take precedence in David over feeling; he did not wish to lapse into self-pity. Again this can be traced to his Moon in Capricorn which is very 'pull yourself together and get on with it', bringing self-discipline into the emotional sphere.

David Blunkett's birth chart
Speaking this Moon placement - and his Moon is also on the midpoint of Sun/Saturn, if his birthtime is reasonably correct - David described his social ambition, saying that he wanted to make changes in the world to improve it, and that whilst he drew on his experiences in his earlier life he was careful to not let his personal experiences swamp his professional decisions - given his political controversies, some would argue that he has not in fact achieved this distinction.

Moon in Capricorn establishes clear and firm boundaries to feel safe and to cope, and so privacy can be very important and indeed David spoke a great deal about public life versus private life.

This issue is illustrated further by his Sun-Uranus conjunction, which connects through Leo and Aquarius with the 4th and 10th houses of private life and public life respectively. Despite saying he wanted to separate these two areas, David obviously agreed to go on a public programme knowing that he would be asked probing questions about his private life, suggesting perhaps that, in accordance with his chart symbolism, he finds it easier to bring the public and private together than to separate them and keep them clearly demarcated.

Sarah Ferguson

Pamela's interview with Sarah articulated very clearly her birth chart's mix of the Aries-Libra polarity, plus Virgo and Pluto/Scorpio. The Libra-Venus issues about literal mirrors as well as psychological/social mirroring were strongly brought out: the Venus-Pluto conjunction to the Virgo MC as the mother (MC) who does not feel beautiful and passes this on to her daughter.

Sarah Ferguson's birth chart
The themes of perfection and devotion to fulfilling other people's expectations rather than remaining herself again plays out the Sun in Libra with the Venus-Pluto MC in Virgo, and the Saturn in Capricorn compulsion to please and be dutiful, to the point of having relationships (Venus) killed off (Pluto) for the sake of service (Virgo). These placements also express the determination to achieve, to be useful, and to help.

Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 1st house and Moon in Aries symbolise the Sarah that is innocent and playful. The Moon is placed in the 4th house of the childhood, conjunct the 5th house of children and play. It shows Sarah's need to have a simpler life built on spontaneity and immediate expression of feelings, instincts, and whims, free from the overly-serious adult world of Saturn in Capricorn, Scorpio Ascendant, and Venus-Pluto in Virgo at the MC. Working with children is a creative way to put together these two different sides of her nature.

Sarah's interview and her chart perfectly illustrate the Aries-Libra dilemmas about being and doing. On the level of activities, it takes the form of "do what I want" versus "do what everyone else wants", and on the level of being and identity it is "be who I want" versus "be what everyone else wants". The see-saw between the two can pull the self apart. Ultimately, for happiness and psychological health, the inner marriage needs to be found.

Robin Williams

During his interview Robin talked about how his Imagination grew from his childhood isolation, which is reflected by his Sun in Cancer and Moon in Pisces, both signs of intimacy/abandonment and the realm of the imaginative.

If Robin's birthtime is reasonably correct, his Sun and Moon are in the 9th and 4th or perhaps 5th houses respectively, all houses of creative imagination and what is sometimes called the 'right-brain'. His Moon is also on his Sun/Neptune midpoint which symbolises creative instincts and total engagement on various levels of being with the world of fantasy and make-believe.

Robin Williams's birth chart

Pamela asked Robin what makes him angry and he answered that he gets angry when he sees someone hurting someone else. This is so very typical of Mars-Uranus in Cancer, the protective spirit being sparked.

Robin's Mars in Cancer is square his Jupiter in Aries and this indicates boundless energy and his 'manic' performance side, but also the side of him that is drawn to the armed forces, to fighting, and taking charge, even attacking. In terms of comedy, Robin saw going on stage as similar to a military coup, taking the time, attention and space and owning it.

This also brings out his Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Leo: Robin said on-stage comedy can be 'kill or die'. Mercury tends to show what the mind gravitates to, and conjunct Pluto it thinks about how to gain the advantage, how to win and avoid loss - 'kill or die' - and in Leo Robin has found a creative way to use this. To entertain and make people feel better is a constructive use of the powerful perceptions that this aspect indicates.

Pamela Connolly & Shrink Rap - a discussion of Pamela's chart, and the chart for the programme itself - click here to read it

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