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Three Healing Pioneers: Alexander, Bach, Bowen
Written & published: April & May 2007

In astrology the Moon is associated with the body. This is an interesting association because not only is the body composed mainly of water, the lunar astrological element, but also because the Moon rules feelings.

Feelings, of course, can be both bodily sensations and emotional states. When healthy, the body has flow, just like the emotions, and when holding patterns occur in the emotions or in the body, there is a disruption to that flow.

Injury and trauma are both terms that we apply equally to body and psyche: we can be hurt physically, and we can be hurt emotionally, our pride can be injured, we can experience psychological trauma. Thus there is a lunar connection between body and soul.

Those who develop helping or healing methods that deal with the body and/or the emotions are therefore working within the arena of the Moon, and we can expect to find lunar connections between the person, their method, and the Moon in their birth chart.

Introducing the healing pioneers

This article examines the Moon of three healers: F M Alexander, the originator of the Alexander Technique; Edward Bach, the discoverer and formulator of the Bach Flower Remedies system; and Tom Bowen, the developer of what is now called the Bowen Technique.

FM Alexander
Originator of the Alexander Technique

Frederick Alexander's focus was on habits - habitual use, habitual responses - and how to use the thought process to interrupt the habitual misuse and thereby allow the body's natural flowing movements to resume.

He found that we start off our lives with perfect use of the body, but our habitual use worsens as we gather experience, and thus our sensory appreciation becomes unreliable. In other words, our feelings mislead us as to our functioning.

The Alexander Technique is about using the mind to interrupt our habitual wrong responses, and allow the body's natural right responses to do themselves, which is all very lunar!

Edward Bach
Discoverer of the Bach Flower Remedies

Edward Bach's focus was on the interface of emotion and bodily functioning. Before discovering a remedy he would suffer an intense acute emotional and mental state, and he would then search intuitively for the remedy in the plant kingdom, whereupon his emotional suffering would be cured.

Bach considered that all physical illness had its origins in the feelings and the personality, but it was the inner constitutional personality he was concerned with, not the outer persona or ego. In other words, his healing method is completely lunar.

Tom Bowen
Originator of the Bowen Technique

Tom Bowen's focus was on reading the body so that he could respond to its individual needs in the moment. His methods work on the soft tissues of the body using very gentle movements, stimulating the brain-body connection to adjust itself and bring about a more balanced state, rather than holding on to malfunctioning and injury.

The movements were interspersed with rest and inaction to allow the body to absorb the stimulus. This in itself is lunar in nature, as is Tom Bowen's instinct for reading the body's requirements. He was tuned into the body, very sensitive to it, and could see when the body had responded to him in turn.

Interestingly, Tom Bowen's methods were never verbalised or codified through what is sometimes called the 'left-brain', instead his methods were taught by observation and practise, another lunar level to the origins of the Bowen Technique.

Lunar connections in the birth chart

So now let's turn to the the charts of these three pioneers in healing, and examine their lunar connections to the stars. We'll use star parans, which are simply links between planets with stars as they make alignments between sky and ground. Where the heliacal rising or setting stars shed additional light on the functioning of the lunar parans, these are also included. (Heliacal rising and setting stars are the stars which govern the time period and place in which a person was born.)

FM Alexander

Moon rising when Pollux is anti-culminating
This paran is really straight-forward to understand: it shows a person who wants to bring about changes by using knowledge and skills, particularly in unorthodox fields.

Pollux - F M Alexander's Moon paran

Heliacal rising star
Ras Alhague
Quite simply, this is the star of the healer or helper, the person who uses knowledge in order to improve a situation.

Heliacal setting stars
This star is about bringing about an ordered state where there was previously disorder or chaos, using words or actions, which neatly describes a result of the Alexander Technique. Rigel in this position also points to teaching - you have Alexander Technique lessons from a teacher.

This star is about seeing how things connect, which is central to the Alexander's discovery of the Primary Control and the body's whole connectedness. The star symbolises someone who loves precision, who is meticulous, and who is able to build on existing knowledge to lay a new foundation.

Edward Bach
Moon setting when Antares is culminating
Antares linked with the Moon symbolises emotional drama and turmoil, and the willingness to face them. It speaks of extremes, intensity, and life-and-death experiences which serve to cleanse the emotions. It also indicates a really strong focus on health issues and emotions. Positively, it is about a passion for living, which is what the Bach Flower Remedies could be said to have as their goal - the liberation of positive qualities in the personality that then lead the person to a more fulfilling life.

Antares - Edward Bach's Moon paran

Moon anti-culminating when Sadalsuud is culminating
This paran combines with the previous one. Sadalsuud with the Moon represents the theme of letting go of negative emotions and memories and remembrance and re-experiencing of positive ones. This accurately matches the way Bach's flower remedies function.

Sadalsuud - Edward Bach's Moon paran

Heliacal rising star
Alphard represents intensity of experience, and needs to be used creatively so that its healthiest potentials are drawn out. Bach used this star's theme of transformation through intense emotions in the discovery and collection of his remedies.

Heliacal setting star
This star represents reliance on natural talents and an intelligent masteyr of one's environment. Bach displayed these attributes in locating remedies for emotional suffering. 

Tom Bowen
Moon culminating when Agena is culminating
The paran between the Moon and Agena is symbolic of a person who is drawn to an issue that needs correction or healing. There is an understanding of people's needs that enables the correction or healing to be accurately targeted.

Agena - Tom Bowen's Moon paran

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