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Bringing the sky down to Earth
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Inner World, Outer World: Embedding the Psyche in the Surface of the Earth

Written in September 2005 & November 2006, & published in March 2007

Relocation, relocation, relocation

Astrologers have known for centuries, if not longer, that we can relocate a birth chart by simply altering the longitude and latitude used, replacing the actual longitude and latitude of birth.

This treats the chart as if it is moveable in space. It asks the question 'what if you were born at exactly the same time, but in a different place?' and it assumes that this relocated chart says something about your likely experience of spending time in that place, or of coming into contact with people who are from that place.

Simply put, it is a way of mapping how your psyche is embedded in the world, and the world in your psyche. It works because each of us has a kind of in-built template Zodiac that comes into being at our birth. The planets are constantly moving through this personalised wheel of Signs.

Your psyche and the Earth

So, at any given moment the planets are moving not just through the houses of your chart, but across the surface of the Earth.

If we want to know where a planet actually is we calculate the chart as normal. But if we want to know where it is from your internal, psychological point of view, we need to use Mapped Transits, or Transit Maps.

Transits are already about time. This is a way to personalise transits in terms of place.

Interplay of inner and outer

This technique suggests that there is a constant interplay and interaction, of psyche and world, inner and outer. It intimates that the psychological phenomenon of projection isn't just about fiction or fantasy, it's about the interface of what's inside and what's outside; the 'barrier' between the two seems to be very porous and permeable. It means that we are, every minute of our lives, influencing and influenced by the environment. This has profound implications for the nature of reality.

Here are three examples showing Transit Maps at work:

Madonna's Malawi connection

Madonna's involvement with Malawi started in April 2006, according to a recent interview on Newsnight, when she sent staff to the country to film for a documentary about the plight of the children there. When she visited Malawi in October 2006 she witnessed the start of construction of the Raising Malawi-Consol Homes Orphan Care Centre.

Madonna's transits in Malawi in October 2006

Back in April 2006 Madonna's Pluto transit was further to the right, just outside Malawi, moving to the left. By August 2006 her Pluto transit had moved into the centre of Malawi and was positioned about 10 miles from the capital, Lilongwe. At that time Madonna reportedly told the media this:

"For the last few years — now that I have children and now that I have what I consider to be a better perspective on life — I have felt responsible for the children of the world. I’ve been doing bits and bobs about it and I suppose I was looking for a big, big project I could sink my teeth into."

All very suitable for a Pluto transit: wanting to use one's power to make changes that improve conditions. Madonna will have Pluto transiting through Malawi only once in her lifetime. She would have to live for over 200 years before she experienced the same transit in the same place of the world again. If she was seeking to sink her teeth into a big, big project, being drawn to the place on Earth where she has a Pluto transit is more than apt.

On 4th October when she flew into Lilongwe this Pluto line was just 7 miles away (this is extremely close, in astrological terms.) Mphandula, the location of the orphanage that Madonna's charity is building, is just 30 miles from Lilongwe, and so falls within the range of the Pluto transit line.

While in Malawi, Madonna and Guy visited Mchinji and the village (Lipunga) nearby where David was living. The map shows that this was approximately 50 miles from Madonna's Pluto transit line. Again, this is within the orb of the transit and is very appropriate for the life-changing events that all involved are experiencing. Here is what a generic, pre-written, non-Madonna-specific software interpretation has to say about this astrological configuration:

"You will encounter people in this area that are likely to have a big effect on your life. Perhaps they will become life-long friends or change the direction of your life in some way. There is likely to be both good and bad effects from these relationships; the relationships cannot be avoided, but how you handle them is up to you."

Pluto is also renowned for intense experiences, swinging between heaven and hell, finding oneself in the centre of the fray, trying to do something creative amidst death, decay, and dereliction. Pluto transits often correlate with questions being raised about the use of power and influence, so if Madonna had consulted her astrology she could have been forewarned and forearmed. Also falling under Pluto's rubric are taboo subjects and the like (including racism), and the likelihood of being on the receiving end of people's "good guy versus bad guy" projections. Or, as Madonna puts it:

"A lot of people's hang-ups and 'isms' are sort of mixed into this too. It's just kind of a cocktail of disaster in terms of media perception."

Madonna once said "I'd rather walk through the fire than round it." and wherever Pluto is concerned 'trial by fire' is likely. The cliché of the Phoenix rising from the ashes applies too though, and in true 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' style, Madonna and her newly expanded family - as well as, hopefully, the situation in Malawi - will rise up from this conflagration. For Madonna, 'Raising Malawi' is the biggest test of her survival and success instincts that she is likely to ever face.

In a Time magazine interview Madonna spoke about saving David:

"Time Magazine: Do you worry at all that you've saved this child from physical misery...

Madonna: From death. Death. He would not have lived."

You can't get more Plutonic than that.

Tony Blair becomes party leader, then Prime Minister

Following the death of previous leader John Smith, the Labour party elected Tony Blair as their new leader on 21st July 1994. This first map shows the major transits of Blair in the UK at this time. He had three major outer planet transits through the UK: Uranus conjunct MC, Neptune conjunct MC, and Pluto conjunct Descendant.

Tony Blair's transits when he became party leader

Not shown on this particular map (to avoid cluttering it) are transiting Pluto sextiling Blair's Midheaven directly through the centre of Scotland and the coast of Wales – areas of strong support for the Labour party - crossing lines of transiting Jupiter, the transiting Sun and Pluto's Descendant transit.

Tony became Prime Minister on 2nd May 1997, demonstrating that having transiting Neptune conjunct the Midheaven is not always an impediment to gaining power. Neptune represents mass appeal, as well as, of course, deceit and treachery. Transiting Pluto on Blair's Descendant passes directly through his constituency, and his 'home' town of Trimdon Colliery.

Tony Blair's transits when he became Prime Minister 
The combination of Pluto and Neptune transits at this time should have been a forewarning about the potential for betrayal and subterfuge. The proximity of Blair's transiting Pluto to Brussels is also telling.

It is useful to compare this map with the prior map. There is a 3-year time lapse between them and it is clear how, during this period and from Tony's point of view, Pluto has moved across the entire United Kingdom, as has Neptune. 
Historically, this movement coincided with the 'New Labour' project swinging into action, and the UK falling under Tony Blair's 'spell', as it were. It is said that people get the leaders they deserve; Transit Maps confirm that something very profound is going on between the individual and the collective. 

This is the same map as above, but this time zoomed in to show Trimdon Colliery, providing a unique perspective on choosing a 'safe seat' when standing for election:

Tony Blair's transits in his constituency when he became Prime Minister

Transit Maps are not just applicable to individuals, they are also applicable to groups of people and the structures they build, as these next two examples will show.

USA goes to the Moon

Often cited in astrological textbooks as a classic example of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in action, the manned mission to the Moon shows clearly the way Mapped Transits work. The red line in this diagram is the transiting Moon on the USA's Midheaven.

USA's transits for Apollo Moon launch

From the moment of Apollo 11's launch on 16th July - shown in the map above - to the point of its lunar landing on 20th July - shown in the map below - the transiting Moon from the USA's point of view moved across almost the entire USA landmass from West to East, crossing the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction itself just prior to the landing. If we include the day or two prior to lauch, when final clearance would have been given for the launch to proceed, the transiting Moon traversed all of mainland USA.

USA's transits for Apollo Moon landing

Looking at the USA's chart in conventional circular form, most astrologers would note that the transiting Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 0 degrees Libra is closely conjunct the USA's Midheaven. Putting this into map form, we see this that this conjunction lies on the eastern coast of the USA, around 80 miles from Washington.

Berlin Wall opens and falls

It is frequently written in astrological literature that the wall between East and West Berlin was opened and removed during the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in 1989. Transit Maps reveal the importance of this conjunction with astounding clarity.

The partition of the city was formally announced at 1:11am on 13th August 1951 by the official East Germany press agency. Preparations had been covertly made prior to this hour, and from midnight troops were on alert along the demarcation line in readiness for the announcement. By 1 hour after 1:11am, 67 of 81 crossing points were sealed off, followed by 7 more, and all traffic and rail connections were halted. A Saturn Return later, and the infamous wall was torn down.

Here is the Transit Map for the evening of 9th November 1989, when the opening took place. 

Berlin Wall opened

The yellow lines show the alignment of the Saturn-Neptune conjunction with Jupiter. They also show the Saturn-Neptune midpoint which is almost exactly through Berlin.


Rather than looking at transits solely in the circular chart, which is to see them exclusively in terms of time (the fourth dimension), by mapping the transits onto the Earth you gain an extra three dimensions. This technique is about bringing the sky down to Earth, but in doing so it actually lets you fly that bit higher to glimpse the bigger picture of why things happen where they happen and when they happen.

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