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Bringing the sky down to Earth
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Ian Fleming's James Bond:
The birth charts of James Bond, his creator, and the actors who've portrayed him [read]

JK Rowling - Failure, Imagination, & Saturn in Pisces: 
A recent talk given by the author of the Harry Potter books on the role of failure and imagination in life [read]

Russell Brand:
The hyperactive soul of a romantic poet-comedian [read]

Catherine Tate: Taking her seriously [read]

ork's Logic: Her birthchart, in her own words [read]

Madonna & Guy Ritchie:
A look at their chart synastry [read]

James Lovelock's Sense of Beauty:
The birth of Gaia theory [read]

Kate Bush:
Any day now.... a new chapter in the whole story [read]

Prince, Master of Music:
Saturn's cycle in his career [read]

Parents Through the Eyes of Their Children: The image of the parent in the charts of the children of Madonna, Sarah Ferguson, & Margaret Thatcher [read]

Jenny Holzer:
Conceptual artist [read]

Karl Jenkins:
From jazz to Adiemus [read]

A Lifetime of Opportunities:
Patterns of crisis and opportunity that exist in all our lives, and the years they occur [read]

2015 - The Year Ahead: A round-up of the planetary movements and aspects [read]

2014 - A Round-up of Planetary Movements This Year: Looking at the movements of the planets throughout the year [read]

2013 - The Year Ahead: A round-up of the main astrological events, with 3 new supplemental videos about Mercury, Venus and the Uranus square Pluto aspect series [read]

2012 - The Year Ahead:
A round-up of the main astrological events, with 3 new supplemental videos about Mars retrograde, Mercury retrograde, and the Uranus square Pluto aspect series [read]

Venus Retrograde & Transit of the Sun in 2012: An astronomical and astrological look at the retro phase of Venus, and its transit of the Sun [read]

Inner Planet Retrogrades 2009: The retrograde dates, Signs, degrees, and meanings for Mercury, Venus and Mars during 2009 [read]

Mercury Retrograde 2008: Mercury's three retrograde periods in the Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius [read]

Inner Planet Retrogrades: Mercury, Venus, and Mars in 2007 [read]

The Time of Your Life: Saturn's cycle around your birth chart [read]

John Pilger:
Investigative journalist & documentary film-maker [read]


Engineering the Stars: Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the ground-breaking engineer, designer, and builder [read]

Noam Chomsky:
Linguist & socio-political thinker [read]

Gore Vidal:
Defender of the American Republic [read]

Gwen Stefani:
No doubt about it [read]

Germaine Greer:
Writer, professor, & 'an anarchist, basically.' [read]

Angelina Jolie: From actress to ambassador [read]

Three Healing Pioneers: Lunar connections in the charts of pioneering healers FM Alexander, Edward Bach, and Tom Bowen [read]

Saturn in Virgo: 
Saturn has just moved into Virgo, signalling a shift for the next two years into a new theme - the radical acceptance of everything [read]

Rebalancing the Zodiac: Gender bias in horoscope imagery? [read]

Nikola Tesla:
Remembering the forgotten genius of electricity [read]

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Understanding change

Health & healing:
Astrology's view of the body [read]

hat is personality? [read]

Inner World, Outer World: Embedding the psyche in the surface of the Earth, using the charts of Madonna, Tony Blair, and the Berlin Wall [read]

Spiral graphicAstrology basics: Elements of reality [read]

Astrology basics: Signs of the Zodiac [read]

Astrology & the Enneagram: One and the same? [read]

In the Front Row with Alanis Morissette [read]

Janet Street-Porter:
The image of the mother in the birth chart [read]

Gordon Ramsay: Celebrity chef [read]

F M Alexander:
Originator of the Alexander Technique [read]

On the Road with Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady

Healer In The Sky: The constellation Ophiuchus in the birth chart [read]

Shrink Rap:
Dr Pamela Connolly - aka Pamela Stephenson - her marriage to Billy Connolly, and her recent psychology-based interview programme [read]

Shrink Rap - Series 1: The charts of interviewees Sharon Osbourne, Stephen Fry, David Blunkett, Sarah Ferguson, and Robin Williams [read]

Shrink Rap - Series 2: The charts of interviewees Joan Rivers, Tony Curtis, Kathleen Turner, and Salman Rushdie [read]

Pamela Stephenson's Treasure Islands - A Neptune-Pluto Journey:
How epiphany moments are part of a larger and ongoing process of change [read]

Stephane Hessel, 'Indignez-Vous!' and the Indignados: A look at the diplomat-author, his pamphlet, and the people's movement [read]

Philip Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment: How ordinary people can become cruel, and how not to succumb [read]

Desmond Tutu: The peace-making archbishop's birth chart [read]

Matthieu Ricard & Happiness: The French-born Buddhist monk, scientist and author of a book on happiness as a skill [read]

Astrology's benefits, and its terms defined

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