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Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, Book 1 - Audio recording
Published: 23rd August 2010

Ptolemy's 'Tetrabiblos' is an astrological classic. Written almost 2000 years ago, it retained its influence for many centuries thereafter.

This recording is of the first book of the Tetrabiblos ('Tetrabiblos' means 'four books'), which discusses the planets, the Signs and the various types of associations of the planets with the Signs. The philosophical approach is quite different from that of this website, however the material is nonetheless very useful and the book has much to commend it both as an insight into astrological perspectives of two millennia ago and as a reference work for enriching our understanding of the planets and Signs.

The audiobook is available both divided into four segments and also as one complete file so that you can take your pick depending on how you would prefer to listen to it. You can also read the full text online at the link given below. A recommendation: the online text has a lot of useful notes accompanying it that it wasn't practical to include in the audio, so it's worthwhile having them handy when you're listening.

NB There are a couple of mispronunciations in the audio, and some words the pronunciations of which have had to be guessed since no solid reference could be found. Corrections have been spliced in where possible but not all errors could be edited out and replaced, so they've had to be left in. And as with the podcasts, the recordings are not done in a professional studio setting so please make appropriate allowances! All in all, there's no danger here of upsetting the gods by human perfection!

The four segments:

Recording 1 of 4
Topic: Introduction, and discussion of astrology
Duration: 24 mins 02 secs
File size: 22MB

Recording 2 of 4
Topic: Planets, fixed stars
Duration: 20 mins 47 secs
File size: 19MB

Recording 3 of 4
Topic: Signs of the Zodiac, and the relationships between them
Duration: 10 mins 30 secs
File size: 9.61MB

Recording 4 of 4
Topic: Signs and their various associations with the planets
Duration: 23 mins 41 secs
File size: 21.6MB

The full recording:

Full recording
Duration: 1 hour 12 mins 25 secs

File size: 66.3MB

Credits for the text:

Click here to read the text of Ptolemy's 'Tetrabiblos' online courtesy of Bill Thayer's LacusCurtius website

Credits for the music:

Intro and outro music is by Kevin MacLeod at (used with permission via Creative Commons licence)

I'd like to thank both of the above sites' creators for being so incredibly generous with their skills and time.

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